Happy Birthday AngelwingsandPetticoats

Woo, I cannot believe I am saying this but my blog was a whole year old on the 23rd of October! And maybe even more shocking- or maybe not so- I then went on a blogging break!! But it is definitely cause to celebrate- I have my own domain!!! I’ve learnt a lot through this year of blogging, made some great friends, and its opened up many opportunities for me. Todays post is just going to be looking at a handful of these things green 1300 wide1. I’ve finally got my writing out to the world. For years I’ve loved to write, starting off with fiction- short stories, attempted novels- and then moved onto lifestyle posts and book reviews. Although the style of my writing has changed over the years, my love for it has never really changed and its great to now have it out there so I can get critique and improve.

2. I’m getting to work with publishers. I wont say much on this as I did mention it in a previous post, but YAY!

3. As mentioned I have made some fabulous friends that have helped me along the way! I can help but mention Aimee from @aimeeraindrop and Justine from @GirlGoneDreamer . These two helped me get the blog off the ground right at the very start, and have been a support through it all. Also a quick mention to @dorkfaceblog for the beautiful graphics that are used on here regularly.

4. Now, I happily talk and spread the word about mental health and schizophrenia. That was a big part on starting the blog, and although I don’t know how far it has reached, I have got my story out there and am trying to do my part at raising awareness.

5. I have learnt that I really do have to make the most of opportunities as they are offered to you. I’ve accepted things for this blog that, if looked at logically, I may not of had the time for. But they have given me experiences and the opportunity to say I’ve done things that without the blog, just would not of happened.


I’ll end this post by just saying Happy Belated Birthday to Angelwings and Petticoats, and I’m excited for the next year working on this little patch of internet.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday AngelwingsandPetticoats

  1. Happy birthday Angel wings and petticoats! So excited for your birthday, and the new domain name. And excited to see what the next year holds for this blog! And thank you for mentioning me, that means a lot. I feel so lucky to have got to know you and to call you a friend. I really do! xx

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    1. There is big exciting plans for the next year! I couldn’t write a post about my year of blogging without mentioning you Aimee! Without you, this blog probably would never of got off the ground xx


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