Thoughts before starting back at university

So a week ago I officially started back at university taking a third attempt at my second year. In case you weren’t aware, I study an open degree with the Open University, so I actually stay home while working towards my degree online. This year I will be working on a unit about childhood psychology, something I have been very interested in since college. If you want to read more about why this is my third attempt, you can see it here.

This time around I am actually quite excited to start studying again. With my partner working six days a week, I have a lot of time on my own, and while not driving, have little to do to amuse myself. Up until now, I’ve been throwing myself into my blog and content, but I am looking forward to have study to focus on and get my brain working that extra bit.

However I would be lying if I said I wasn’t even a tad bit nervous. My health has not been great lately, with me often having whole days where I am in pain and fatigued; last year this was a bit of an issue. Although I feel like I have a better way of managing it now, I am still concerned as to whether this will be enough or whether I may find keeping up hard work.

In addition having deadlines again is always a bit nerve wrecking. The closest thing to deadlines I have had over the past month were blog tours, but they are fun and find the deadlines to be very rarely stressful. Thankfully I have been able to carry the results for my first two essays of this unit across so that I only have to do another two. This will give me some time to revise over the content, and then dedicate my time on just the last two. Hopefully this should make the deadlines less stressful, I just have to keep myself organised and get ahead.

Finally, the overall feeling about going back to studying that I have is excitement. I am excited to be continuing on with my degree, and what the future may hold. Recently I’ve been looking through what units I may sign up to at a later date and there are many that I am really looking forward to.

So that is all I’ve been feeling about getting back to studying. Are you back at university this month?

6 thoughts on “Thoughts before starting back at university

  1. I hope you enjoy your second year! I’m also in the second year of my uni degree right now and I really share your nervous feelings about meeting deadlines amongst other things. Thanks for sharing!

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