Most Anticipated Fantasy Releases of 2019

Its time for another post about some of my most anticipated releases of the new year, and todays genre is Fantasy, one of my all time favourite genres to read. Now most of the fantasy that I read does end up being more Young Adult based fantasy, so there may be a few overlaps, but I do also read a fair amount of fantasy generally as well. I truly can not wait for these books, especially the first Im going to mention, so very jealous of all the people I have been seeing who are receiving early copies.

So lets get into it, the first book I am going to mention is the much anticipated book that everyone is shouting about and that is Samantha Shannon’s The Priory of the Orange Tree. Now if Im completely honest, I am not a hundred percent sure what this is about, all I know is it is a high fantasy novel that involves dragons. I have my pre order in place and I will most likely pick it up the moment that it arrives.29774026

I have had the honour of reading a preview of this next book, and it truly does seem as though it is going to be one amazing creepy book. The book I am talking about, is from the lovely Titan Books, Christine Lynn Herman’s The Devouring Gray. You really do need to check this one out (this isn’t an ad, its my genuine feeling), as it looks like it will be an edge of your seat creepy fantasy thriller. 36535913

Now I mentioned this next one in my Young Adult releases, but typically, the day after the final title got released so I thought I may as well include it here as well. The Night Country, the second book in Melissa Albert’s The Hazel Wood. You can read what I said about it previously here, but I seriously loved the first book, and I can not wait to see what happens next. I hope that this turns out to be a trilogy, if anyone knows then can you please let me know?

The other sequel on this list is going to be no surprise to anyone that has heard about what I read last year. 2018 was the year that I discovered my love for Mary E Pearson’s writing, and Vow of Thieves is going to be no different. I was so happy to jump back into that world in the Dance of Thieves, and I am already getting withdrawal from them again. There is just something so special about this world that grips me and doesn’t want to let me go.

I am pretty certain that this next one will be in many, many peoples highly anticipated releases as I know that her first novel was absolutely adored by many people. Sadly I am yet to read her first one, but even still I am excited to get my hands on The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. Hopefully in the next couple of months I will get round to reading the Night Circus before this comes out, and that will then just reinforce my excitement, but we will see.

So those are the top fantasy novels that I am really looking forward to being released this year; think this will be a year of excellent fantasy novels.

What books are you most looking forward to getting your hands on this year?

4 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Fantasy Releases of 2019

  1. I’m super excited for The Priory of the Orange Tree! I cannot wait for it to come out. I read an exclusive extract of it that you can get on NetGalley and it was sooo good! I’m also looking forward to The Devouring Gray. I’ve seen so many positive things about it all over Twitter!


    1. I daren’t read the extract as I know it will just make me want the book even more. I’ve read a sample of the Devouring Gray though, and it really does look amazing!xx


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