February Book Haul…

I have mixed emotions about how much I have failed at reading this month, only managing to finish one book. Therefore this is going to be quite a short post; although the book I did complete was AMAZING!

Jane Eyre… 

As a child I read a shorter ‘teenage’ version of this book, which I recall really enjoying. I remembered the basic story line to it, but was very surprised at just how much the edited version had cut out- it just shouldn’t be allowed! I don’t normally like romance books, but there was something about this, that was a LOT deeper than the average lovey-dovey novel. I guess with it being written when it did, and by a woman, that it explains the strong sense of female independence.

Although seeming to have a strong message, the book was brilliantly written. I was a bit nervous that it was going to be really tough to read, being a classic, but itIMG_0310 was actually no harder than your average book- though it used the writing in such a different way. Jane Eyre is my first time encountering a book where the protagonist addresses the reader directly, which to start with I was very unsure of, but actually it gave a whole different insight into what was going through Jane’s head at each point. Without this I think it really would of seemed like the basic romance, rather than seeing the battle of independence and female strength that she went through.

I really do recommend this, it will take some time as it is a long book- but definitely worth it. If you don’t know the story already then it will throw you a whole bundle of twists and turns (I was expecting all these from knowing the story) which will keep you exciting and wondering just how things are going to be resolved.


So that is the only book that I managed to complete, however I have now gone onto Ben Kane’s, ‘Eagles of War’ in preparation for his new book release this month- VERY EXCITED! IMG_0320

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