Most Anticipated Games

Now this one is a bit different to my most anticipated book releases as not all of these will be coming out this year; some have been out for a while, but they are the ones that I can not wait to my hands on this year whether I get gifted them from family or save the money to treat myself. You may not know that I am much of a gamer, but I have been getting into it more and more, plus my partner is a pretty big gamer so its something we enjoy.

Assassins Creed is my big weakness, I absolutely love these games. Dad got me the new Odyssey game for Christmas which may just be the best one I have played so far. I love how much more open this one is, you have to stumble across the quests and explore the worlds; its just so much more immersive. With being ill I haven’t been feeling up to spending some real time on it for the last few weeks, but I really can not wait. Hopefully in this next week of resting I will get more time to sit and play.

I will most likely treat myself to another Assassins Creed game at some point mid year time; I would love your recommendations as to which one you think I should get? I already have Odyssey, Origins, and have completed Syndicate, would love to hear your thoughts. Currently I play on an Xbox One so ideally would like it to be on that platform.

My other gaming love is The Sims. Since I was a little child I have been playing the original Sims, and played each one since until now I have the Sims 4. I got it in 2017 but didn’t manage to play too much since then, but with Sims 4 Get Famous coming out this year, I will definitely have to get it and get back into it. Have to admit, I was very unsure about getting Sims 4 on the Xbox as I no longer have a gaming computer and it did turn out to be better than I though. However for some reason it just was not the same, I have not found myself getting as into it as I used to with the PC versions. I think it may be because I would play it on my laptop while watching films previously. I currently don’t have any of the add ons, so please let me know which ones you would recommend I invest in?

The final game that I am truly hoping that I get for my birthday this year is the Lego Harry Potter Xbox One games. I used to play these years ago on the old Play Station and up until very recently I believed that they were not available on the Xbox. It was only when me and my partner were looking through the second hand games just after Christmas that I spotted that they have now been remastered for the Xbox. I am so excited, I really do want to pick these games up again, they pretty much were my whole childhood.

So those are the games that I am really looking forward to getting engrossed and obsessed over in 2019. I am so excited for all of these, but I would also love to hear your recommendations?

My partner has said I should try out Red Dead Redemption as he adores that game, so think I will be giving it a go, but any other suggestions are highly appreciated.

What games are you looking forward to playing this year?


Lets Chat… Another A&E trip

Well, another bit of a break from my January planning– interrupted by me spending another day in the hospital. What should of been a simple doctors appointment led to my doctor calling the hospital and asking them to admit me; thankfully they have decided against this for now.schizo

So what’s happened? I was just feeling very, very tired again, and in a lot of pain in my side; tests have shown that the infection is in fact actually clearing itself up, but that does raises the question of what is making me feel so unwell?

From tests today we have found that my inflammation makers are high but otherwise my bloods are normal, Ive got a slightly high temperature, and high heart rate and blood pressure. Im very reactive to any pressure on my right loin, and my normal pain reliefs are not touching it. The current plan is to use the morphine tonight to get through and have a decent nights sleep, and then back at 8am for CT scan to see if they can see the problem.

The likely possibilities are either kidney stones or a cyst somewhere in the kidney area. Here’s to the hope that I am not kept in tomorrow (although today for when you are seeing this), and that this doesn’t stop my full month of blogging.

Funny moment today was taking out a canula, after having morphine and blood spurting everywhere and just laughing. Nurses went into a panic trying to fix it. What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you in A&E?

I really am one for focusing on the positives while I’m not well, you’ll never get better if you just feel sorry for yourself. But it certainly helps that the staff were really lovely, went to find me my favourite biscuits after I passed out.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.


Paperback Vs Hardback

Now everyone has their preferences, from hardback to paperback, and then nowadays you also have audiobooks and e-books; each have their negatives and positives, and it is really just a matter of what works best for you.

Personally, my favourite is really rather clear; you just cannot beat a nice new hardback book. I read a real mix of paperback, hardback and e-books, but every single time I will prefer a hardback. There is just something so satisfying about siting on the sofa with your legs up, and big hardback book sitting on your legs; holding itself open so that you can enjoy your cuppa tea while staying immersed in the story.

Now I can appreciate the practicality of an eBook. The ability to carry around 100s if not more books, with just the weight of one small portable tablet is just perfect for anyone who travels a lot, or even just if you only have a small home and want to have access to many books whenever it may strike your mood to read them. However, I have quite a major issue with eBooks. Not only do you not get the same reading experience, but you also have the problem of that they can run out of battery. Up until my recent move I lived somewhere where I would quite often find myself having a power cut, which of course makes it not possible to charge up an ereader. You never have that problem with a good old physical book. I am bad enough as it is at remembering to charge up my phone and laptop- things I use every day- let alone trying to remember to charge up my book.

Audiobooks have simple disadvantages to eBooks really, they require an item of electronics that will need regular charging; but I also have one other issue with audiobooks. It is one that I really do want to get over, as I want 2019 to be a year where I start listening to more audiobooks. My main issue with audiobooks is that I struggle to follow them, I will think that I am paying attention, but then when I stop, I will be unable to remember a thing that had gone on in the book I’d just listened to. Since a child, I have always had an issue with remember things that I had heard, I have much more of a photographic memory than I do an audio memory; I need to improve this somehow, advice is very welcome?

So that rules out the electronic versions of reading, leaving paperback or softcover, and hardback books. Now both have their positives, and you know my easy favourite, but I’ve not said what I have against paperbacks. Well the truth is, I don’t have anything against them, they are light weight, generally cheaper, and more compact for transporting around. The truth is, I just like the excitement that I get from a new hardback book, knowing that its a new book, looking at the maps and knowing that this book will be epic.

That’s my brief thoughts on which format of book I prefer, what are your thoughts?


My Recent Games on my Phone

I have always been a bad one for playing games on my phone, but in the past year I have become much worse with it, I have been getting highly addicted to games and finding myself completing them in a matter of days. So here I am going to let you know the ones that I have completed and since deleted, one I have played and decided I didn’t overly like, and ones I am currently playing. Hey, if any of you have any long waits coming up in cars or waiting rooms, it may give you some ideas. I do just want to say that I do not pay a single penny on any of the mobile games I play, they really are just something silly to sit and do when I am not feeling too well and just want to keep my brain occupied.

So there are two that I have actually completed all the challenges on and have hence deleted. The first is a game called Slices, a game where you are presented with different sections of a pie, and you have to try and complete as many full pies as possible. Its really quite straight forward, but you’d be surprised how much it has you thinking sometimes. Although you can just play it constantly, after I completely all the challenges, I found I actually got rather bored by it, which is why I then deleted it. However if you like games that get your brain thinking then I would definitely have a look at it.

The next is Shoot n Merge. Again this is a puzzle game a bit like Tetris, you have a moving ceiling and you have blocks with numbers. You have to match numbers together for them to merge into a larger number. This one was super addictive, but again once you have completed the challenges it does start to get to be a bit repetitive and  I lost the enjoyment from it. But it certainly kept me entertained for a month or so.

Now there are only two games that I have played and decided that I didn’t like so deleted. Both I just found got a bit boring and I never was wanting to play. Peak- Brain Training, was a really cool app, but what I hadn’t realised when I downloaded it was that it only lets you play so many games a day. You can get around this by paying, but as I said, I refuse to pay for these games as they are just boredom breakers for me. This was quickly deleted. The other was Snake V Blocks; I wont lie, I deleted this out of frustration. Its so addictive, but once you get stuck on it, it just seems like there is no way around it, so I angrily deleted this one. I would definitely contemplate reuploading this one in the future.

So the games that I am hooked on at the moment are very different although again they are both number based. Picture Cross is amazing, its like a picture jigsaw that you have to use number patterns in order to work out. This again gets really annoying when you get stuck on one, but once you get yourself over it, it is so very addictive. I am in love with this game, and am worried that I am starting to get to the end of the challenges so will ultimately be having to say goodbye to this one soon. If you know of any others that are as good this one then PLEASE let me know.

The other that I am playing on and off is a game called 2 for 2. This is another number game where you have to join numbers up in order for them to merge. Again highly addictive until you get stuck and then it becomes ultimate infuriating; but I have now come down to the last few challenges, but they are so tough that I think that it may take me a while.

I do still have Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery and Farmville downloaded, as these are still games that I will probably go back and continue with at some point, but at the moment I have not been in the mood for them. I also have Cooking Craze downloaded that I have been loving, but I just have not had the concentration to be playing it lately, but hopefully when Im more on the mend I will get back to this one.

In terms of next games to start playing, I have three others ready and waiting to go. They are Tiny Tower, Bloxorz, and VV Origins 2. Let me know if you have played any of these games and what you thought off them?

Please let me know of any other free mobile games that you have enjoyed, I would be very interested to try some more as I do seem to get through them rather quick at times. What have you been playing?


Most Anticipated Fantasy Releases of 2019

Its time for another post about some of my most anticipated releases of the new year, and todays genre is Fantasy, one of my all time favourite genres to read. Now most of the fantasy that I read does end up being more Young Adult based fantasy, so there may be a few overlaps, but I do also read a fair amount of fantasy generally as well. I truly can not wait for these books, especially the first Im going to mention, so very jealous of all the people I have been seeing who are receiving early copies.

So lets get into it, the first book I am going to mention is the much anticipated book that everyone is shouting about and that is Samantha Shannon’s The Priory of the Orange Tree. Now if Im completely honest, I am not a hundred percent sure what this is about, all I know is it is a high fantasy novel that involves dragons. I have my pre order in place and I will most likely pick it up the moment that it arrives.29774026

I have had the honour of reading a preview of this next book, and it truly does seem as though it is going to be one amazing creepy book. The book I am talking about, is from the lovely Titan Books, Christine Lynn Herman’s The Devouring Gray. You really do need to check this one out (this isn’t an ad, its my genuine feeling), as it looks like it will be an edge of your seat creepy fantasy thriller. 36535913

Now I mentioned this next one in my Young Adult releases, but typically, the day after the final title got released so I thought I may as well include it here as well. The Night Country, the second book in Melissa Albert’s The Hazel Wood. You can read what I said about it previously here, but I seriously loved the first book, and I can not wait to see what happens next. I hope that this turns out to be a trilogy, if anyone knows then can you please let me know?

The other sequel on this list is going to be no surprise to anyone that has heard about what I read last year. 2018 was the year that I discovered my love for Mary E Pearson’s writing, and Vow of Thieves is going to be no different. I was so happy to jump back into that world in the Dance of Thieves, and I am already getting withdrawal from them again. There is just something so special about this world that grips me and doesn’t want to let me go.

I am pretty certain that this next one will be in many, many peoples highly anticipated releases as I know that her first novel was absolutely adored by many people. Sadly I am yet to read her first one, but even still I am excited to get my hands on The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. Hopefully in the next couple of months I will get round to reading the Night Circus before this comes out, and that will then just reinforce my excitement, but we will see.

So those are the top fantasy novels that I am really looking forward to being released this year; think this will be a year of excellent fantasy novels.

What books are you most looking forward to getting your hands on this year?


Best Memories of 2018

Right up to about 5 minutes ago, I was contemplating whether or not to actually right this. 2018 was a year of many ups and downs, full of strengthening my relationship with my amazing partner, to a very rocky ride with others; but I’m glad to say that the year has ended with things looking up. Sadly though, I did say goodbye to two of my cuddly babies, and I would say best friends, Drip and Digger. But less about that, as this is all about the positive.

One of the biggest positives of this year for me, has been getting to know the wonderful man that I have the pleasure to call my partner. He is so supportive, attentive, and over all caring, I would truly be lost with out him now; Im not one to rely on others, but he is such a big part of my life now, he helps me through my darkest times. DSC_0200
We have made several trips to Clacton and a beautiful holiday to Beccles in Norfolk, as well as many many day trips in Cambridge, Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire. Probably too many of those turned out to be trips to the zoo, but I wouldn’t change a thing. img_0810

Another fabulous part of this past year, has been adopting my beautiful Barney. I mentioned him in my Cute and Cuddlys update, but he is truly proving to be a huge part of my life. I will never replace the dogs from my childhood, but Barney gives me company in a way only dogs can, you never have to be alone with a dog around. I cant wait to see what adventures we get up to in this new coming year.DSC_0234

My Dad started my year off amazingly, by taking me to the O2 to see the Script! Now, concerts are always rather hard for me due to my mobility issues, but we found a way, and found that the O2 actually have really useful systems in place in order to help those that struggle with their mobility. You can read all about that here.

You are probably picking up a bit of a theme here. I could write 1000s upon 1000’s of stories about the things me and my partner have gotten up to this year, but I will try to not bore you with the details. But I do just have to tell the funny story of when he very kindly tried to restart up my car after I managed to kill my battery. I’ll cut the story short, my battery was destroyed, so even jump starting it was a bit hit and miss. But we got it jumped from his car, so then went to take it for a drive to get some fuel, for me to then stall it about 30 metres away, down a slope. He then had to push it back up the hill, and jump it again. In the end, he just went and brought me a new battery, got to love a man who will look after your car as well as you. DSC_0205

I feel like the only way to complete this post would be to mention us spending the anniversary of our first date, sitting in the major unit at Addenbrokes hospital. Only a spoonie will understand the feeling of having a full romantic day planned, doing every thing we had said we wanted to, for me to wake up not feeling very well and quickly realising that something was not right with my heart and lungs. So we spent the majority of our day chilling in a hospital cubicle while I was tested on. Little did we know that I would end up with Pneumonia.

So that’s it, they are the key highlights of my year. I don’t think I would actually change a single thing about the year in the slightest. Dear has it had its lows, but they only make the highs seem even more special. How was your 2018?



Most Anticipated History Releases of 2019

Its now time for my second most anticipated new release books post, and this time the genre is all about historical fiction releases. I really do love historical fiction, but sadly I don’t read enough of it; it seems to always to be less of a priority compared to thrillers and fantasy. But this year, I want to take the opportunity to dive back in some of my favourite historical fiction periods, with some of my all time favourite authors, and maybe even find a few new ones.

Pam Jenoff is an author that I discovered through being gifted a book by Netgallry, and it turned out to be amazing- you can see my full review of her first book here. So it really is no surprise that I am excited if this author has it in her for me to love her next novel as well. Normally I am not the biggest fan of World War based historical fiction, but I loved Orphans Tale, and I am prepared to give The Lost Girls of Paris a chance, as I have a feeling I am going to love it.39816076

The next two are both by authors that I have never read any work from before, but the synopsis of both of these have really got me intrigued. These books are The Serpents Mark by SW Perry and The Familiars by Stacey Halls. Both appear to be based within the Elizabethan era, which is a period of history that I love both in history and historical fiction. If anyone knows whether it’ll be best to read The Angels Mark by SW Perry before I read The Serpents Mark though, please let me know down below?39835415
Now onto my tried and tested authors, ones who I already have each of their new releases pre-ordered, and have done since they were announced. This are authors that I will read basically anything that they bring out, though sadly I do have a lot of catching up to do.

The sequel to the twitter poll winner this month is by far one of my most anticipated reads of the year. The Falling Sword is the second book to A Clash of Empires by Ben Kane, and I can not wait to dive back into the ancient worlds that he portrays. I adored the Eagles of Rome series, loving every single chapter in each book, but I do still need to catch up with his The Forgotten Legion series. The first book in that series was by far my favourite book he has written so far, so I know I am going to love the rest of the series.

Another not surprising one, is Alison Weir’s new release, The Princess in the Portrait, the fourth book in the Six Tudor Queens series. Again, I do need to catch up on the rest of this series before this one is released, probably be worth doing a marathon of the series. I have faith that this one, based on Anne of Cleves is going to live up to what I have come to expect and love of Alison Weir’s writing. index_383_1512909570

Finally, I have the first book of a new venture for author Philippa Gregory. I adored her Cousins War and Tudor court books, and was said to hear that they are now coming to a close, but I have to trust and have faith that she will delight me in her new series of novels. I am truly excited to see what happens in her new books to come.

So those are my top most anticipated historical fiction releases for this year. Do you like historical fiction? If so, what would you recommend?