In her Bones by Kate Moretti

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for the chillingly good thriller novel, In Her Bones by Kate Moretti. If you’ve been around here for a while then you will know how much I absolutely adore Kate Moretti’s thriller novels. They are always full of unexpected twists and turns, strong gutsy characters, and a back story you can get emotionally involved with; In Her Bones was no difference. You can see my review for her debut novel here.I hope you’ve been enjoying the In Her Bones blog tour, I have had the privileged opportunity to read this fabulous novel before its release today (so what are you waiting for, go and grab your copy now), and am going to share my initial thoughts and feelings with you now.

Earlier today I read the final 70 pages of this book and have to admit, I think I am still processing my full thoughts on it. Never at all did I expect the resolution that this book gave me. Normally I am alright at spotting last minute twists but I cant say that I ever saw this one coming. Here’s the description off of GoodReads for you..

Fifteen years ago, Lilith Wade was arrested for the brutal murder of six women. After a death row conviction and media frenzy, her thirty-year-old daughter Edie is a recovering alcoholic with a deadend city job, just trying to survive out of the spotlight.
Edie also has a disturbing secret: a growing obsession with the families of Lilith’s victims. She’s desperate to discover how they’ve managed—or failed—to move on, and whether they’ve fared better than her. She’s been careful to keep her distance, until the day one of them is found murdered and she quickly becomes the prime suspect. Edie remembers nothing of the night of the death, and must get to the truth before the police—or the real killer—find her.

The link between the modern day and flash backs to her childhood were told so beautifully and so well that not once was I confused as to the relevance, each and every scene had its clear purpose towards adding information to the case for you to puzzle about as you read.

I almost want to read the book in the novel in its eternity; throughout the novel it has excerpt from a true crime book all about the events of the first series of murders, these added information to help you try and predict what was going on. Now I will admit, I have a bad habit of when I’m reading thrillers, I spend nearly the whole time trying to piece it all together and work out what’s going on before we get there. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but its how I enjoy reading thrillers. That’s exactly why I loved these excerpts as it gave me extra information to understand Edie’s past. I would really not complain If this became I full length book, of course fiction, but I found Lillith Wade’s story really fascinating.

Once again, I adored Edie’s character. Kate Moretti writes such strong, independent, and completely feisty female protagonists. I find them so aspiring in their own ways. With Edie, having overcome such struggles through her childhood, and then the shadow of mental heath struggles, she always kept her head. She always had a clear cut focus as to what she needed to do to regain her freedom, and she let nothing get in her way. This is a true representation to a woman who knows how to handle herself, but also knows when to ask for help. I wont go into it too much, but Edie and Tim- PERFECTION!

This was an easy 4 star read if not edging on 5 star. If I were you I truly would get your hands on In Her Bones, or to be fair any of Kate Moretti’s books. I can see a reread coming in the near future, so keep you eyes open. Hope you enjoy the rest of the blog tour for this absolutely amazing edge of your seat thriller.

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