Emojiathon Week One ’19

*Well this is take two as my laptop crashed and it didn’t save*


I am starting this five days into the readathon, and having set myself six books to read this month, I am glad to say I have already finished one and am well into my second. You can check out my TBR in this post to see what I am hoping to read during this readathon and hence the month of June.

Within the first two days of the readathon I flew through my first book, The Girl in Red by Christina Henry. I’m not going to go into too much depth of my thoughts for this book as I will be doing a full review for it nearer the release date. But I will just say that this is an utterly terrifying, post apocalyptic adventure! This book also surprised me by having fabulous representation, it showed diversity in sexuality, disability and ethnicity; although it wasn’t the main aspect of the story, it was all shown through the main character and was beautifully done. This was an easy five star read for me and one you should definitely out on your pre-order list.

I am now reading The Record Keeper and am loving it so far. The hope is to have it finished by the end of the weekend at the latest. But with my partners birthday, and my dads partners birthday party I have a busy last half to the week.


So tomorrow will be the end of the first week of the Emojiathon, but as we have a party tonight I thought I would get this scheduled ready for tomorrow. As of midday Friday I have finished The Girl in Red, and am 160 pages into The Record Keeper. In total I have read 523 pages for the Emojiathon so far. Not my best week, as I had hoped to have The Record Keeper finished by the end of Sunday, but it is looking less likely now.

I have a busy weekend ahead, plus I don’t get as much read at the weekends as my partner is home. So the new aim is that by the end of next Sunday I am hoping to have The Record Keeper and my next book finished. I am thinking that the next book will probably be The Princess and the Fangirl, but it might also be Obsidio.

Will check back with you next week.

Are you participating in the Emojiathon? If so how are you getting on?

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