Emojiathon Week Two ’19

Starting my diary for week two a little earlier than last week; and I am hoping to have a super productive week- but again with the exception of the weekend as its Fathers Day and we are going to Clacton.


I am now half way through The Record Keeper, and am absolutely loving it. Sadly though I haven’t had the opportunity to pick it up today, but hopefully I’ll get a chance when the Little one is in bed.

Last week I left The Record Keeper at page 160, and am currently at page 236. Fingers crossed I read a touch more later, but if not, I have a whole afternoon free to read once I’ve taken the Little One back. The Record Keeper is proving to be a very unique and catastrophic look at the future, set after World War 3. I will be having a full review for this on the 17th.

Target for this week is to get The Record Keeper finished, and also finish my next book, this will probably be either Obsidio or The Princess and the Fangirl, but I’ll see what I’m in the mood for. For now, time to prep dinner.


It is now early Friday morning, and I have not had the week that I was hoping to have. I had said that my goal was to finish The Record Keeper and my next book by the end of the week. But as I have a super busy weekend coming up, and its already Friday, I don’t think that will be possible. That being said I am on page 366 of the Record Keeper, so have made reasonable progress, and been loving all of it.

So today, I do have things to do, but finishing The Record Keeper is the priority. Going to sit and read at home for a little while, and then head out to a coffee shop after lunch to get some more reading done. If I have time after finishing it, I will pick up my next book and try and get through a good chunk of that. Update you later…

Just about still Friday, but it is getting very close to becoming Saturday. For a day that had a bit of a hiccup (I fell into a three hour unexpected nap- thanks infection), I ended up having quite a successful reading day. I have finished The Record Keeper, which I loved up until the last 50 pages, which I am now a bit unsure about, but you’ll see my full review very soon.

I have then picked up Obsidio by Jay Kristoff and Aime Kaufman, and am enjoying it so far. This series has been one of those that I don’t love, but I enjoy and do recommend. So I am currently 65 pages into this, and going to call it a night.

Now for the numbers; I read the final 304 pages of The Record Keeper this week, along with the first 65 pages of Obsidio, so that’s a total of 369 pages this week. Not my best and a bit of a disappointment but this week didn’t go overly as planned. In total that is 892 pages for the Emojiathon. Determined to push that number up quite considerably next week!

How are you finding the Emojiathon, or just how is your reading going this month?

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