Am I really back?!

Well to say it’s been a long time would be an almighty understatement. Well over a year to my calculations….

When I was last here I mentioned that I had a hell of a lot of stress going on. I had secrets I was still keeping to myself, too scared to announce. I had major life changes, some by choice and some being forced upon me. And I had the constant worry of having to not only look after myself, but the baby I was carrying…

Although I had written about my journey trying to conceive I never formally announced on here that I had fallen pregnant. It was one almighty shock for both myself and my partner, but it was just what we needed at that time.

The pregnancy was rough in so many ways, but after being told I couldn’t carry a child that was nothing we weren’t expecting.

And although I now have the most gorgeous baby daughter, the last year or so has definitely left me with some mental scars.

I have missed blogging so much. For a long time it’s been an outlet and a comfort to me. And now, as my baby girl is approaching one, I feel like I’m now ready to come back.

So what’s for the future?

Well quite simply, I’m not completely sure. My content will most definitely be different. I’m a mum now, that has quickly become my main focus and a major part of my life. So obviously my content will reflect that. There will be more family, baby and mummy content. I want to share my experiences to both educate and show mums that they aren’t alone- as that’s something I’ve felt a lot over this time. And I want to share products and brands that I adore!

I’m hoping to still share bookish content as well. For the time being I’m not going to be working with any publishers, as the reality is I just don’t have the time that I once did. But as little lady gets older and more independent, I hope to find time to read a bit here and there and be able to share that with you.

To be perfectly honest I’ve not finished a book since she’s been born- unless you count kids bedtime stories!!

So what would everyone like to see?

I plan on doing some story times of what’s gone on, and definitely plan on introducing my little lady a little more.

I recommend following my Instagram as that’s about the only place I’ve stayed active over this time- alexmariephillips