Meet my Crazy Nutty Duo…

My life would not be complete without my little furry duo; so thought its only fair to share them with you lovely people! So here goes….IMG_0551IMG_0070

Drip– this little guy is my little miracle baby!

This little Argente Cream Mongolian gerbil is my little baby.  Right from the first day I had him he has loved to curl up in the cuff of IMG_0528my sleeve and fall asleep, though now, his a little hyper boy who only sleeps when essential. Born on 12th of October 2014, he was definitely one of the smallest of the litter. 

I call him my miracle baby as when 6 months old, we found he is actually allergic to all nuts, which is one of their staple foods. Surviving for that long eating food that was poisoning his own body is a huge thing! And I am proud of him for pulling though..

Digger.. my little Man

This pudgey Agouti little boy is a parrot in disguise. Other than food, nothing makes him happier than sitting on my shoulder; looking around while I wonder around getting FullSizeRenderthings done. Never once has he tried to jump or run away, as long as you keep talking to him, his happy to just watch what is going on around him. Although it took him ‘forever’ to come round to human contact he is now the first to ask to come out, and hates being put back into the cage. He also seems to not be able to work out his running wheel; always falling over and falling off.

Although being very different, including in size; they are actually litter mates.. There will be more posts following based around this little Terrible Twosome….

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