The best Christmas Editions

It is that time of year again, where prices go up and people change their menus or products to make them ‘Christmassy’. For Blogmas, here are just a few of my favourites from this year so far.. FreshPaint-5-2015.11.30-05.21.13

Costa.. I am addicted to the new Salted Caramel Cappuccino! Despite my IMG_0177desperate urge to lose weight and save money, I have to confess taking an hour and a half out of my day several times this week just to walk done and get one! -ah at least the walking will of burned it off! – I’m still meaning to try their sticky toffee latte but every time I’m in there I’m won over with the salted caramel- looks like I may just have to keep giving in while they last!

Pets at Home; Small Animal Pouches.. These cute, soft snuggly little things are just are just perfection for keeping your little four legged friends warm. My two gerbils were getting rather cold at night, making IMG_0179them cold to the touch and generally quite down- refusing to come out, having little interest in toys. I grabbed one of these pouches on a whim to see how they react, and they adore them! The pouch itself is make of a material so that it will not matter if they chew it up and destroy it; so you don’t have to worry about that. I’ve since had to raid all the pets at home stores in my area in order to buy them all for my little guys, as they have now rejected their normal bedding and will only sleep in a pouch. An extra plus side- they are so cute to watch curl up in them

Build-A-Bear.. Now sadly I wasn’t able to actually purchase this but I felt 422959xit was worthy of a mention. Now I love the Grinch film, so when I saw these awesome cuddlys I fell instantly, having a Grinch and even a Max! (Which is ADORABLE!) I would highly doubt that you could find these characters in a normal soft toy, so if you’re as big a fan as myself- go and grab yourself one either online or in a Build-a-Bear store

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