May Reading Wrap up

FINALLY, the reading slump is over! MY little plan of reading children’s books appears to have worked and just in time- I have a stack of arcs to get through. I managed to complete four books during the month of May, admittedly, 3 were children’s books, but still..

The Vinyl Detective….

This was an arc that I was reviewing for the lovely Titan books, but I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was not without its limitations, and I am hoping some of these are straightened out in the following novels, but this is definitely worth a read. My full review was published on this blog a while back if you want to know my full thoughts.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets…

Well what can I say, its Harry Potter. An excellent sequel to the first book, that I am in shock I’ve waited until now to read. As I believe I mentioned with the first one, when I’m reading these books I am finding myself picturing the films in my head- excited to move onto the next one.

A Series of Unfortunate Events- A Bad Beginning…

This was quite easily my favourite read of the month. I know I read some of this series as a child, but not sure if I actually finished, it but I did definitely see the film. Its just such a good little book, with clear characters and great twists and turns. I’m adding it to my series’ to finish this year as it is such a great concept and so very easy to read.

War Horse…

I feel bad, but I didn’t cry. It was predictable, but yet still a nice easy read that was entertaining. It was sad, and heart felt, and for a short book it showed some amazing friendships. Not sure I will finish the series though, as I feel that it did wrap up well- even if predictably- and therefore I don’t see the need for another book.


So that is all that I read in the month of May, mostly children’s books in my attempt to try and break my reading slump- and as I said, it worked!! Sorry that this wrap up is running late, but I will give you a sneak peak to my June wrap up- there’s lots of books. See you next time…


2 thoughts on “May Reading Wrap up

  1. Ooo I’m currently reading Harry Potter again (I’m on Philosopher’s stone, but Chamber is one of my favourites)

    I’ve got all the Series of unfortunate books but I think I’ve only read the first 3… might have to read these again, I agree they were very easy to read!

    I’ve been reading a lot of thrillers lately so going back to old childhood favourites is a great break for me at the minute!


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