July&Booktubeathon Wrap Up & August TBR

This could be a long one as I’ve actually been doing a lot of reading! YAYY! I even attempted my first readathon, although I did very badly at it. I read a total of 4 books, which I feel is pretty good as I didn’t really read for the first week in July, and then only managed to finish one book during the booktubeathon… So this is what I read in the month of July…

A Court of Thorns and Roses…. This has been all over booktube, so I felt I should give it a shot, and I’m so glad I did. Full of suspense and mystery, this gripped me from beginning to end. I gave it four stars as I did feel that at times it was quite predictable, but it still had me running to the shop to buy the sequel before I even finished this one…

‘Alice’ by Christina Henry… Ever since this was advertised by Titan I looked forward to reading this, and I was not disappointed. Full of twists and spins, I was always on the edge of my feet waiting to find out what happened. I loved the dark themes this story had, finding myself worried about what might happen to Alice and Hatcher. I gave this four stars, and will be doing a full review of this along with the sequel later this month (hopefully)…

The Colour of Magic…. This was the single book that I read for the booktubeathon, which fulfilled two of the challenges; ‘read a book with yellow on the cover’ and ‘read a book that’s older than you’. As my first Pratchett book, I had been warned that I may struggle to get into his style of writing but I found that it was actually very easy to read. I loved this book and the whole fantasy world it was set in. As a child I watched the TV adaptation, but had never got round to the books. I will now be working my way through the diskworld series and I hope they are all like this. I gave it 3 stars in the end, as I did find myself a little confused on what was going on at one stage, but also it was not quite as entrancing as the previous two books I read.

Stormbringers… I started this for the booktubeathon as it fulfilled the challenge of read a book by a favourite author. Annoyingly I found this a little bit hard to enjoy, this series really takes away from what I love of Philippa Gregory. It lacks description and it seems to always be a little blurred between historical and fantasy which really bugs me. I gave this two stars.


And this is what I plan on reading for August…

7in7 Readathon… now I have already done a post with what I plan to read for this readathon, so I wont repeat myself too much.

Red Queen… The plan is to read this during the readahon but if not, it wil be later in the month. I started this before the booktubathon, but put it aside to complete the challenges. I have been loving it so far, and plan to due a joint review of this and Alice once I’m done.

Deathnote vols 3&4… I planned to read this during the readathon and, spoiler, I finish it the day after it finished, and straight away ordered the next bindup. Really excited to continue this graphic novel series.

A Darker Shade of Magic… I went to the V.E Schwab signing at Piccadilly,  and got my copy of this signed despite not of read it yet. I adored This Savage Song, finding Schwab’s style so easy to read, looking forward to seeing if this is just as good.

‘Virtue of War’ by Bennett R Coles… This is the first in a series that Titan books has sent me to review. I’m not completely sure what its about, but I get the idea that its a sci-fi about a war between various colonies of people, following a group of soldiers on a space craft. Not sure if I’m going to review the first one, but will definitely do a review of the sequel or a joint review.

City of Bones…. Ive owned this for a very long time now, and am constantly being told I should star this series. Hopefully it lives up to the things I’ve heard.

Hard Times… This is the assigned reading for my uni course next year ( starts in October), and although I’ve started it, progress has been slow. I’m hoping to at least move forward with it a bit more than I currently have.

Well that is it, that’s everything I’ve read last month, and all I wish to read this month. Fingers crossed I can make a good dent in this rather ambitious TBR.


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