BoutofBooks 17.0 Wrap up

My unplanned participation in this readathon has actually been quite close to a success. Two days did turn out to be a bit of a write off due to health but actually I am pretty proud of what I managed to achieve. This post is going to be a little different as I’m going to do a day by day breakdown of what I achieved!Monday…

I focused on just one book today, Alison Weir’s ‘The Lady Elizabeth’. Already this is proving just why I love her writing and have craving’s for her novels. As I was off work sick, I spent majority of the day reading, with little breaks for food, naps and internet; and managed 132 pages in total.

Tuesday and Wednesday…

I’m doing these days together as they are pretty much the same. I ended up in hospital over night between these days and generally just didn’t feel well enough to read or focus on anything. Before going into hospital on Tuesday I did manage to read a further 42 pages of The Lady Elizabeth, but not a single page on Wednesday.


HOME FROM HOSPITAL!! But I was on bed rest so this proved to be an amazing day for reading. As was still feeling pretty drained I started off by just finishing Deathnote as it was an easy read, but proved to be really good yet again! (Boo to waiting till probably Christmas till I can get the next bindup!) Then took a bi of a break and listened to an hour of Brent Weeks’ ‘The Black Prism’ on audible- really liking this, but I must admit, I now really want to read the book and finish the series! And as if that wasn’t enough, I then read 103 pages of The Lady Elizabeth. Now that’s a successful day in my eyes!


Well today didn’t start to well with me sleeping until midday, and then before getting into my book I thought I better get some blogging and other things done, but I did this while listening to The Black Prism. I got through a further 3 hours of the audiobook.

Saturday and Sunday…

I ended up going away for the weekend, so didn’t manage any significant reading. I did however read the odd bit  here and there of Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Way of Kings’, but probably only about 10 pages.

Thank you to the hosts of this readathon, it was lots of fun, and I’m proud of what I achieved considering all I had going on. I will definitely be joining in with this in January!

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