Banned Book-athon TBR

Its time for another read-athon!!!! I’m really excited about this one as I do believe that it is new, and running for the first time this year from the Sunday 25th of September to the Saturday 1st of October. Catriona overt at the Little Book Owl is hosting this readathon to raise awareness of both banned/challenged books, as well as diverse books; so the aim of the readathon is to read diverse challenged books. Below I’ll leave the link to the YouTube video announcement for more information. So lets get to my TBR…I’m trying to comprise this TBR mainly from books that I already have on my shelf as I really need to get through some of my many books, and was surprised at just how many have been either banned or challenged. I’m not too sure why they have been, but I’ll try and find out during the week and include that in my wrap up.

Beloved by Toni Morrison…

Ive owned this for a very long time. My parents brought me it during banned book week many years ago I believe, and Ive just always had it on my shelf ever since waiting for the right mood for me to read it; what better time than now…

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman…

Turns out that the whole of this series has been challenged in the past, which shocked me for just how popular it is nowadays. But again I’ve owned this series since I was a child, so I’m going to just aim to try and read the first novel.

Harry Potter…

I know right… HOW? Again another majorly popular series that shocked me to find out was challenged when it was first released. Well Ive already been trying to read this series this year, and up to the third one, Prisoner of Azkaban? So I will be reading this for the readathon.

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell…

I love the film of this and lately picked up a gorgeous addition of the full novel, so should be a nice easy read as a children’s book, so I’m looking forward to this.

Saga by Brian Vaughan…

I do not own this one, but however I really wanted to include a graphic novel so I plan on picking this up at the library.


So that’s all I plan on reading, I’m probably being over ambitious as I am working a lot that week and it ends on my Mum’s birthday, but we will see how I get on.

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