The Orphan’s Tale by Pam Jenoff

Hmm, if only I could write this review in one sentence; absolutely stunningly brilliant. Is that a sentence? Maybe just a description? Well, oh well, I’m still going to do a proper review but prepare for lots of ‘fabulous’, ‘stunning’ and ‘heart-clenching’. I think that’s about it for my intro this time; oh did I mention that this book is fabulous?Aha, sorry for the odd intro but I honestly didn’t know what to say, I’m still gob-smacked by the beauty of this novel. I read it on my kindle thanks to netgalley and Pam, so a huge thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Well, in going back to the start to help me explain to you what this is about, I started re-reading it, only days since I finished it- that says something for someone who doesn’t reread novels. Right lets get into this properly

Based in Europe in 1944 it begins when Noa is forced out of her family home after discovering that she is pregnant with a Nazi soldier’s baby. After giving birth, she discovers a baby alone on a train bound for the concentration camps, snatching him she escapes over the wilderness not knowing where to go. Astrid is an aerialist with a traveling German circus, and when they discover Noa, Astrid becomes her tutor. Noa is given their protection, if she master the flying trapeze and preforms for them. But with the war raging, and the threat of Nazi soldiers, this wont be the only challenge to survive.

Although I love historical novels, I cant normally get into World war novels. However this one is completely different; it was unique, gripping, and utterly heart-wrenching. Never did you forget the setting and yet it was not the main focus, you were more fascinated at the relationship between the two women and their romantic relationships. Even at moments when the war was the focus, you were rooting for the characters so much that you just felt your heart stop, your fingers cross, and you hoped with all your heart that they would all get through it okay.

Normally I have issues following characters where I cant work out how the name is said, but with The Orphan’s Tale (though only a few names are tough) they were all so different from each other that you instantly knew who they were talking about. Each character had such a distinct personality, even those that were only minor, that you felt as if you really did know them. At times, actual tears were shed for the hardships of some of the characters, because I just wanted to give them a huge hug, read the rest of the novel and tell them it would be okay!

I honestly don’t have more to say, it was just an amazing, well rounded, intense and beautifully written novel. The Orphan’s Tale was my first 5* read of the year, and I still cant believe that a World War novel managed to do that! This comes out next week, and I recommend you either pre-order it, or get yourselves to a bookstore on 23rd of February; well done of an excellent novel Pam Jenoff.



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