February Reads& March TBR

YAY, its that time again; time to look a what I read last month and what I’m going to be reading this month! This is by far one of my favourite posts to write, and have been looking forward to looking back at my month of reading; and I must say it has been a good one!! So lets just get into the books..

I managed to read a total of nine books this month which has got to be my best reading month in the last 12 months or so; including all but one of my TBR, which I’m very proud of. There was some really good books last month as well, and my first FIVE star read which was super exciting. So these are the books…

  • Maximum Ride Vol 3
  • Maximum Ride Vol 4
  • Blackout by Marc Elsberg
  • Snatch by Gregory Mcdonald
  • The Killing Bay by Chris Ould
  • The Orphans Tale by Pam Jenoff
  • Incendium by A.D Swanston
  • Deathnote Black Edition Vol 4
  • In the Name of the Family by Sarah Dunant

The best book of the month is definitely got to be two books; The Orphans Tale was my first 5 star read of the year and was simply beautiful! I think anyone that likes historical fiction or even just anyone needs to give this novel a try as it was just something else. You can see more of my thoughts in my full review of it. The other book was Deathnote Vol4, I LOVE this manga series, I’m flying through them as quick as I can acquire them.

I do just want to give a shout out to  Incendium and In the Name of the Family, as these were both outstanding reads, and any other month they would of been my top books of the month. February was just an amazing month for me reading wise, especially for historical fiction- which is definitely one of my favourite genres.

Again I’ve got two books to mention for the worst of the month. The first was Maximum Ride Vol 3, it used images from a popular real missing child case, and I just found this to be distasteful and inappropriate. Secondly was Snatch. You can see my full thoughts in my review, but briefly, I just found it disjointed and really odd; being two stories in the one book, were I felt both really just needed further development and to be more focused on.

Now on to my TBR. I have been very silly and committed to more reviews and blog tours this month than I have ever any other months, so this is going to be a busy month and be a bit tight to fit it in. But hopefully I manage it, as there is some really exciting title this month.

  • The Method by Shannon Kirk
  • Parallel Lines by Steven Savile
  • Eagles in the Storm by Ben Kane
  • The Relics by Tim Lebbon
  • Those Who Lie by Diane Jeffrey
  • Skintown by Ciaran McMenamin
  • Betrayal by Anthony Riches

Those are the books I have deadlines for that mean I have to read this month to meet. In addition I ideally want to read The Vatican Princess by C.W Gortner. I’ve got an arc for this that I believe is my oldest unread arc, and I hope to slowly work my way through this, starting with this one as I just need more Borgias in my life right now. As normally I also have some graphic novels I want to read being two Batman comics, and also (if I get my hands on it) I want to read the next Volume of Deathnote this month. I doubt I’ll manage any more than this as its a bit of a push, but we’ll see what happens.

What do you have plans to read this month? Anything you are excited to be released?

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