‘Happy as a Dane’ by Malene Rydahl

This beautiful book is just bursting with joy and happiness. Rydahl, born in Denmark and now living in France, looks at the reasons behind Denmark’s status as the Happiest Country; giving real life examples and comparisons between various other countries. Although jam packed with information, this is such an enjoyable read, that will make you smile and want to take the advice for your own life.Life can really suck at times, and you can give in to the troubles it throws at you, or you make the most of it and fight on. I started reading this at a tough time in my life, but this book made me smile and want to change aspects of my life to make it the happiest it can be.

From the first few chapters, I made up my mind that I have to visit Denmark at some point in my life, to experience the trusting and honest society that is described. But through the example stories and the explanations Rydahl makes it clear that this style of living and happiness is possible no matter where you live if you use the ten simple ways to adapt your life.

All of these reasons made sense to me in different ways and I’m just going to mention a couple here now; Money and Trust.

Money.. I’ve never been overly fussed about being rich or having loads of luxury, however I can be materialistic at times- finding happiness from objects. Rydahl, in this book, explains how money does not necessarily lead to happiness – although it does have an effect. The richest people are not always the happiest and the poorest are not the saddest. When looking for a job, the salary should not be the focus, as long as you can live a comfortable life and you enjoy the job you do, that should be all that matters.

Trust.. This really did stick with me, that you can not spend your life being nervous and untrusting of others. You need to be able to trust those around you to help you through life. Rydahl explains just how strong the trust is in Denmark, with market stalls being left unsupervised- trusting that the right money would be left.

I was sent this book by WW Norton and Company for review, and want to thank both them and Malene for writing such a fabulous and uplifting book. Out of 5 stars I have rated this book 4.5 stars, as it was a great read that had me thinking about my own life- I highly recommend others reading it once it goes on sale today.

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