Blood Bank by Zoe Markham

Part of me feels like I’m a teenager again, reading a LOT of vampire books; cant say Ive done that since I was 14. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying it as much now as I did in my ‘vampire fiction’ faze. I believe the Blood Bank though, is truly unique to any of the vampire books that I can recall reading, and am really excited to tell you about it. Id like to thank Jenny from Neverland Book Tours as she is always great to work with and gives me the opportunity to work with some really fantastic novels; plus to Zoe Markham for providing me with a copy to review.

Benjamin is a programmer moonlighting as a security guard at Dystopia, a seedy club that caters to the down-and-outs, the desperate, the addicts. He’s been building his reputation, saving for a way out – but when he rescues a young woman from the nearby estate, he may just have stepped too far out of line…

Lucy is ordinary; a girl with a deadbeat boyfriend, a normal life and college studies. But when her world takes an odd twist, she starts to wonder about the people she’s meeting, the situations she’s in, the odd aversions and attacks happening around her. They’re just coincidences…aren’t they?

And Zack is in deep trouble. He’s losing his girlfriend, drowning in debt, and has dwindling job prospects – and that’s not the worst of it. His debt is to people who won’t ever forget it, and who want the things closest to Zack’s heart: his blood – and his life. In the heart of Swindon, an ancient order hides in plain sight, spreading their influence through the streets like a disease. But despite their widespread power they are catching up with the modern world: the vampires are going online, and the Order is about to become more powerful than even they would have dreamed… (from Goodreads)thumbnail_BloodBankFront

Blood Bank was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me. I’ve always said I’ll be completely honest with everyone on this blog, and I’m going to stick with that today; to start with I was rating this book at 1 or 2 stars for the initial opening of the book. The first few chapters really seemed muddled and confusing; I couldn’t remember who each of the characters were, or what their situations were and I was about ready to put the book down. Yet I persisted, and I am oh so very glad that I did!

Although a slow starter, Blood Bank really does pick up; the characters develop distinguished personalities, and show real development throughout. The story becomes gripping, intense and very dark and twisted; you just cant help but continuing on page after page.

Don’t get me wrong with this, I’m not raving saying its the best book ever, but it is a dark quick, entertaining read that will satisfy any horror and vampire fans out there. I really am glad that I persisted with this novel and overall I would say its a reasonable, and very unique read, earning it 3 out of 5 stars.

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