Bout of Books TBR

YAY, its time for another readathon. I absolutely loved the minimoji readathon that I did the other month, so thought I might as well join in on the Bout of Books one!! I’m so excited to get started; but I have to wait till it starts on the 8th of January (the day this goes out actually). This is a week long readathon, that is very relaxed from my understanding; the only goal is to reach your own goal and read more than you normally would. Personally, I find this quite challenging as I’m terrible at setting my own goals, but going to give it a go never the less. So lets look at what I might read. This TBR is very rough, as there is no challenges, I may switch up the TBR if I get the fancying to read something different.

So I should probably start with my goal for the whole readathon. I have decided to not set it too high, but make sure that it is still a challenge. Therefore, my target is to read four novels, and a graphic novel. This is definitely more than I would normally read in a week, but still not impossible. Especially as I’ve arranged to have the week to myself mostly so can fully focus on my reading.

Currently I have a good idea on the graphic novel I will be reading; thinking I will read One Piece, a pirate graphic novel that has been sitting on my shelf for over a year now. Not sure what else its about past that its based on pirates, but I want to give it a go for sure.

As for the novels, if I haven’t already, I think I will be picking up Library of Souls. This should be a quick read as it is half made up of the vintage photograph that is the unique element of this series. I finally continued with the series in November, and have been dying to finish the series as I am now very committed to the world. Just after Christmas, I finally got my hands on my own copy, so I’m really excited to now get into finishing it off.

Have a feeling that I will then want to stay in this world, so very likely to dive straight into the tales of the peculiar. From my understanding, this is a short story collection that are all based in the same world, but with different characters I believe. Again, I find that I can fly through short story collections, so I’m really looking forward to concluding this series.

For the final book, I think I’m going to leave this reasonably open. I’m tempted to pick up the next book in the Grisha series by Leigh Bardugo; I flew through the first book, so am likely to do the same with the second. But then I’m also really tempted to work on reading one of the other illustrated Harry Potter books, very possibly the History of Magic one. We will have to wait and see what I feel like at the time.

Are you taking part in the readathon? What are you planning on reading?

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