Bed Rest Diaries #1; Part 1

Its not new news that I get told by Doctors to go on bed rest several times a year; that’s just all part of the joy of disabilities and a poor immune system. However getting told to do a week to ten days of bed rest on the week before Christmas really is just a whole new level of sucking! But I realised sitting here on my first full day of bed rest this time around, that it might be interesting to document just what I do and how I feel during this time. So here goes. img_0341-3Should probably start by letting you know why, in this instance, that I’ve been told to take to my bed. After a week or so of having what I thought was a cold, and it getting progressively worse, with the addition of nose bleeds, I went to the Doctors. Turns out what I thought was a cold, was actually flu, with a throat and gland infection on top; no, I cant just have one simple thing. Now I’m on antibiotics, lots of paracetamol, and a whole bundle of rest.

Day 1- 19th December

Well, I’ve just got back home from the Doctors; had to do a stop at Sainsbury’s to grab some groceries and get my prescription. Now what to do?

When on bed rest, I most often just read loads of books, and watch kids movies; I think this time around will be just the same. So I’m going to pick up The Last Tudor by Philippa Gregory again and try and get through the last 80 odd pages, starting off on page 432.

Managed another 41 pages this afternoon, then got distracted by watching the soaps with my Nan over dinner.  Will probably finish it off in bed before I get to sleep this evening.

Day 2- 20th December

Last night was horrible. I took my first antibiotic and went to bed, and then came over all odd. Kept going boiling hot and then freezing cold, wasn’t sure if I was going to pass out or throw up half the time. So this morning, I have called the Doctors and waiting for a call back as to whether I should continue on them or if they want me to switch to something else. Although I did manage to watch Shrek 2 last night for the first time in ages which was very fun.

Finally, its only taken all day, but I have heard back from the Doctors. So its looking like I’m allergic to the antibiotics that I was put on, so I’m now going to switch to some different ones that I have taken several times in the past so should be safe.

Today is just horrible! Felt so dreadful all day, don’t think I could of moved from the sofa even if I wanted to. Thankfully feeling a touch better since eating, though to be fair, all I’ve done all day is eat! But I have managed to finish The Last Tudor, it did not disappoint, I’m actually so sad that there isn’t going to be anymore Tudor series novels from Philippa Gregory, but I am looking forward to what she does next.

So I’m in a Philippa mood, so I’ve now picked up Fools Gold, which is the third book in her Order of Darkness series.

Day 3- 21st December

Well last night was eventful; my blind decided to fall down in the middle of the night. I don’t even know how it managed to, but never mind, just something else to deal with after Christmas.

But I did manage a decent reading evening for someone feeling so tired; I got through 77 pages of Fools Gold, its definitely following the same theme of this series of just not being my favourite; but its easy reading and an alright story so I’ll push through.

Not feeling quite so dreadful this morning which is nice, but still very tired, so another day just on my sofa I think. Hopefully I just power read Fools Gold and get it all finished. Tempted to then start my Christmas reads.

It would appear that I am actually having quite a productive day today; got my first post of 2017 all written, edited and scheduled as well as working on my wrap up for this month (its going to be a long one). Now, do I continue and maybe work on some of my other January posts or do I rest and read my book now? Well lunch is on so, I’ll decide after that.

So this is my last update before I go bed with my book. I managed to read to page 114 of Fools Gold, as well as a nap! Had a very relaxing afternoon which was exactly what I need, and actually starting to feel a bit better for it. I’ll update you again tomorrow.

Check back in a week for the second half of this diary.



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