BoutofBooks Readathon Diary

I was so looking forward to this readathon; a full week with the excuse to read constantly. Ahead of the week I had tried to empty my week as much as possible so that I could really dedicate myself to this week of reading. However, as its past midday on day 4 that I’m even getting round to updating this says just how badly this readathon is going for me. Lets hope I can pull it back together. So as I mentioned its now almost 2pm on Thursday, day 4 of the readathon. Monday ended up being taken up as I went for a lunch date, that ended up being all day, Tuesday I cleaned up the house ready for an appointment which took up Wednesday and left me too tired to do much more.

What reading have I managed? I read a total of 16 pages of One Piece, my graphic novel, yesterday. Yes that is truly all I have managed. Hopefully I can get through some reading today, however I am incredibly tired and just want to binge watch Netflix! We’ll have to wait and see.

Okay, so the readathon is now over, and this post is running late. Plus I can definitely tell you that it is not going to be a long one. This week, although really good on a personal front has been a complete failure in terms of the readathon. In total, I read a grand total of 16 pages of a graphic novel over the entire week; although I had two great dates with a fabulous man, so a successful week really!

After this week. I am now 2 books behind my Goodreads goal, so really need to up my game. Thinking I’m going to grab a graphic novel tonight and try and fly through it. I’m determined to not fail this year!

How did you get on in the readathon? Hopefully better than me!

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