Bed Rest Diaries #1; Part 2

The first half of this bed rest sitting has been so rough in terms of how I’ve been feeling. However, I’m now on antibiotics that seem to be working and starting to feel a little better; that leaves me with hope that I can now get more reading done before Christmas! So lets get into it. img_0341-3

Day 4- 22nd December

I had such a good sleep last night if nothing else, although woke up a couple of time I was just sleeping so good.

However falling asleep early did mean I didn’t read as much as I would like. I read a further 89 pages of Fools Gold, which is pretty good, but I would of liked to finish it really. Texting someone every evening is also definitely slowing down my reading but I’ve actually found someone I love to talk to so I’m not complaining.

So today, as I’m on bed rest and not allowed to do much else, I think I will be aiming to finish Fools Gold.

So its almost 4.30pm and so far today has been really good; I just feel so much better! Just comes to show you how much bed rest and decent antibiotics can really help. Still standing up and finding I have jelly legs sometimes, but I’ve actually managed to get my hair washed today which just makes me feel better in itself. I’ve read a further 63 pages that leave only about 30 left; I’ve also caught up on EastEnders and Emmerdale with my Nan. Now to get on with finishing Fools Gold.

Day 5- 23rd December 

Well, its 5.30pm now, and I’m only just sitting down to be able to update you. Yesterday I managed to finish Fools Gold, which was definitely not as good as I find most Philippa Gregory books are. I then decided to pick up How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I read this almost every year, I just love this book, such a kids classic for Christmas time.

Then in bed last night I have picked up the last bind up volume of Deathnote, which I managed to read the first volume of. And it is fabulous already, I just dont want it to end!

Today has been so exciting! I dont want to give too much away just yet, but I decided to take the day off of bed rest to go and visit a Dogs Trust centre and one particular doggy! I’m just going to leave it at that for now, as if all goes to plan I will be doing a blog post all about it at a later date, but I’d definitely say it went well. Now to spend the evening relaxing, watching tv and hopefully finishing Deathnote!

Day 6- Christmas Eve

Didn’t get round to updating you again last night, but it was a very uninteresting evening. I spent a few hours playing Assassins Creed before then going to bed and finishing Deathnote; I cant believe that Ive completely finished that series now, I need to find a new one quickly!

Sadly I had another bad sleeping night, watched the beginning of Shrek the Third at 3am before I managed to actually sleep. Hence I have now woken up feeling very rough again. But oh well, today is meant to be my last day on bed rest, though will have to have a look at how I feel tomorrow.

So today, so far I have helped with wrapping some of the family pressies; though I still really need to wrap my Dads and then I’ll be done. We also had a cooked breakfast at the dining table which was lovely to just had a good chat with my dad.

Choosing what to read next is always hard on Christmas Eve as I don’t want to start anything that will take to long, ideally I want a one day read so that I’m open to reading any of my Christmas pressies tomorrow. So I had decided to pick up The Complete Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne. My thoughts are that even if I just read some of the stories then its still easy to put down. Now I am going to head back to bed with my book I think.

I love napping, I have officially decided that. However that does mean that reading is not going too well; especially as I’m now busy watching the Lego Batman movie with my family and working on January blog. Also spent quite a while with my adorable little time wasting pets, got to love just getting them out for cuddles on the sofa; wish I could just have them out loose all the time.

Right so my plan for tonight and then I wrap up this blog post; I’m hoping to stay up this evening and get through at least some of the Winnie the Pooh stories if not all of them! We’ll see what happens though.

So I’m going to end this here as tomorrow is Christmas, and I will most likely not be touching my laptop. Bedrest this time around has really proved how useful it can be, but writing this has also shown me how much I can achieve during that time. I am most definitely feeling better, and hopefully I’ll just continue to get better. Through this week, I finished 4 books, and how ever much of Winnie the Pooh that I manage to get through this evening; I would call that a pretty good week for reading.

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