Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

This book has been on my shelf for well over a year. I’d heard about it many times and only ever good reviews for the first book in this series, but starting a new high fantasy series is always a scary commitment. Finally, as I’m in a real fantasy mood lately, I picked this up to read the first book and make a decision whether to continue this series. Not going to lie I’ve not heard the best of things for this series as a whole; but I truly have loved the first book and have just had to order the second one ready to pick straight up.Described as the teenage Game of Thrones, this was a very obvious pick for me, but the idea of a multiple perspective, high fantasy series is a really daunting task. But, after biting the bullet, the jump has paid of, and I am hooked on a fabulous new series that I will hopefully marathon this year.

Multiple perspective novels normally are very off putting to me, I struggle to follow what is going on as a whole, and often forget the events for each of the characters. Generally, if a novel has more than one voice then I will just leave it alone; but slowly I am getting better with it as I enjoy high fantasy novels more and more. Rhodes made each of the characters so unique in this story that following what was going on was so straight forward. I found that there were few side plots and all the individual events did all lead to the same situation making it easy to follow, as well as to understand the impact of everything that was going on.

The characters in this novel had such a  sense realism to them, despite the magic. I could feel the pain of Magnus and the desperation of Cleo. Ultimately I just prayed for poor Lucia, the poor girl just didn’t understand what was going on with herself, which I feel that any young woman could appreciate. I just wanted to tell her the knowledge we were already aware of. But yet her actions through the whole novel just show how much she wants to keep those she loves safe, despite her confusion of what was going on.

So book two is on order for me, and will be being the next book I read as soon as it arrives. It can not arrive soon enough. This was an easy 5 star read for me, I just loved the mystery and myths that filled it.

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