Jan&Feb Favourites

Time for another of these posts, they are really new to me still, but I really enjoy writing these as it gets me thinking back over the last couple of months with what I have been loving lately. And these last couple of months have been a really good couple of months, with lots going on. I have been out and about a little bit more, but I have also had some pretty nasty fibro symptoms that had me on bed rest for a lot of January. Lets get started with some of the many things that I have really been enjoying lately.

Firstly, video games! I’ve been taking a bit of a break from Assassins Creed lately, and have been spending a lot of time playing Sims 4 on the Xbox. I used to play Sims 3 on my laptop, but this is just so much better, I adore the toddler and children skills and how they progress as they grow up! Hoping that I get some of the expansions for my birthday next month!

Normally I don’t include books in these posts, but I have been absolutely adoring all and any Young Adult fantasy novels. With The Hundredth Queen, Falling Kingdoms and The Kiss of Deception, I have read some fantastic fantasy novels. I hope that I keep on my roll of loving fantasy so I can finish off these series in the next couple of months.

Since the Christmas menu ended at Costa Coffee, my common coffee order has changed. For once my order has gone quite common, and am having constant Soya Caramel Lattes. Odd for me as I have always been a Cappuccino sort of girl.

But that is not the only coffee I have been drinking mug after mug of. I have discovered the Galaxy Mocha Latte. Although a little pricey, it is super yummy, and I have been getting through several cups each day. Personally I’m finding that its made best with Oat milk, but the benefit of it, is it can be made with any milk so perfect for those with intolerances.

Where I have not been feeling well, I have gotten through a lot of Netflix episodes. There is three programmes I would like to mention, first of all, I devoured the entirety of Plebs in just 3 days. It was just pure hilarious easy watching, and am so happy my partner recommended it to me.

Secondly, The Vampire Diaries. This is a rewatch for me, and I’m loving it all over again. I have almost finished season 2, but I am trying to slow down so I can love it for a long time; although I will move on to The Originals when I do. The third programme it Reign. A drama based on the early life of Mary Queen of Scots, I originally didn’t like this but, as I got further through season 1, I am now in love with this series and a little sad that there is only 4 seasons.

Finally, I have to do a little shout out to Pizza Hut, which has become the place that me and my new partner keep going just for the Cookie Dough!! So many memories are being made by us just going out for desert on the days that we are managing to see each other around his work.

So these are the things I have been loving the last couple of months; I’m already looking forward to writing another of these posts in April as they will now be every two months. What are your latest favourites?

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