November 18 Goals

Well as you very well may of noticed, October was not my month. I just got myself all messed up with studying, the blog, and just general life. I am now trying to make a conscious effort to get myself back on top of anything. For the next several months I do need to find a way to balance keeping the blog going while I am now back at studying towards my degree. img_0341-3So overall, I’m not really going to mention my blogging goals, as none of them have done well at all. You have to be consistent and dedicated in order to be successful within the blogging community; this month I certainly was anything but dedicated, and ended up actually walking away from the blog for a couple of weeks. But now I am back, and I am determined, I just need to keep myself together and be focused; keep my goal in view and push myself. For November, I am going to go easy on myself just to get myself back in the motion of things. My wordpress follower goal will be to hit 200 followers, and for Twitter I would like to get to the 1000 mark finally. Then for my overall blog views, I am going to go back to the goal of 1.4k as I smashed this in September. The whole idea for November is just to get through and get back to being consistent.

But I feel like it needs to be said that I will never expect much of myself in November, for me and my family its one of those months that we really struggle with. I might write more about this at a later point in the month.

With that being said I want to reiterate my October goal of getting myself into a routine for studying. I want to carry this over as it didn’t really happen this month, I have started to get into some good patterns, but I need to make it a bit more of a regular routine.

Finally, the only other goal, which is again something I’ve mentioned a few months ago, is to really focus myself on my meditation and yoga. Since the beginning of the month I have completely slipped with my yoga but that is mostly because of not being well. As for meditating it has become a bit hit and miss, and I truly think that I need to start fitting this into my routine more consistently.

Sorry for such a simple goals most this time around, but November is a tough month for me, and I am hoping to just get through without too many melt downs. If I get through this month smiling then I will be happy.

Do you have any goals for the month?


Thoughts before starting back at university

So a week ago I officially started back at university taking a third attempt at my second year. In case you weren’t aware, I study an open degree with the Open University, so I actually stay home while working towards my degree online. This year I will be working on a unit about childhood psychology, something I have been very interested in since college. If you want to read more about why this is my third attempt, you can see it here.

This time around I am actually quite excited to start studying again. With my partner working six days a week, I have a lot of time on my own, and while not driving, have little to do to amuse myself. Up until now, I’ve been throwing myself into my blog and content, but I am looking forward to have study to focus on and get my brain working that extra bit.

However I would be lying if I said I wasn’t even a tad bit nervous. My health has not been great lately, with me often having whole days where I am in pain and fatigued; last year this was a bit of an issue. Although I feel like I have a better way of managing it now, I am still concerned as to whether this will be enough or whether I may find keeping up hard work.

In addition having deadlines again is always a bit nerve wrecking. The closest thing to deadlines I have had over the past month were blog tours, but they are fun and find the deadlines to be very rarely stressful. Thankfully I have been able to carry the results for my first two essays of this unit across so that I only have to do another two. This will give me some time to revise over the content, and then dedicate my time on just the last two. Hopefully this should make the deadlines less stressful, I just have to keep myself organised and get ahead.

Finally, the overall feeling about going back to studying that I have is excitement. I am excited to be continuing on with my degree, and what the future may hold. Recently I’ve been looking through what units I may sign up to at a later date and there are many that I am really looking forward to.

So that is all I’ve been feeling about getting back to studying. Are you back at university this month?


October 18 Goals

For some reason I really liked having my goals set out last month, so I thought this month I would let you know how I got on as well as letting you know of the new goals I’ve set myself. So quickly before looking back at my goals for September, I just want to say that I have felt like I have had a really good month. Despite being pretty run down and not feeling great emotionally or physically, I feel like I got a good amount of what I wanted to do done; I feel like I’ve had a very productive month.img_0341-3

Now into the facts of how I got on in September. My first set of goals were all to do with the blog and my social media, I wanted to hit 200 wordpress followers, hit 1.4k views and reach 1000 twitter followers.

In actual fact I reached 152 wordpress followers, which although it not the goal, it is an increase of 33. This is still good in my eyes as am aware that I lost my rhythm with promotion work. I smashed the 1.4k views goal, getting a total of 1479 views; honestly don’t think I could be happier with this. And finally, I reached 939 followers on twitter. I will admit I am quite annoyed about this one, but I am also perfectly aware as to why it happened; plus its still a 89 increase.

So now for my hopes for October. Due to still not feeling overly well I want to keep these reasonably simple and doable. Therefore I am going to be aiming for hitting 200 wordpress followers, and 1000 twitter followers again. But as I smashed my views goal, I am going to up that again to 1.6k views over the month. I have another good month of varied content so I am confident that I can do this.

On another note, my personal goals for September were really rather vague, but I truly feel like I have done the best I possibly could for this one. I’m really happy with the healthy choices I have been making and feel like these are great foundations for helping me over the winter. In the next few weeks I will be doing a post all about the changes I have made with my tips to make it simple and straightforward.

For October my goals are once again all based around one thing, this month its study. As of yesterday I am now back at uni, well still at home, but I’m studying. So this month my main goal is to develop a simple, effective, low stress study routine. I want to stay on top of my study, or possibly even get ahead of myself. I’m actually pretty excited about getting back into it, so hoping that if I can get myself into a routine now, then it will continue throughout the whole year.

Have you set yourself any goals for October? I would love to here what you are hoping to achieve.



How to Survive a Very British Storm…

In the past week Great Britain has been hit by not one but two storm large enough to earn themselves a name, these storms were Ali and Bronagh. It became evident just how badly prepared we are for dealing with even the barest of storms; I could list huge numbers of news stories about the chaos that commenced due the storm, but instead I thought I would just tell you some of the ridiculous things I saw from the comfort of my sofa.

Within this country there appears to be a pattern of placing overhead electricity lines right next to trees that are afraid of the big scary storm. There seems to be a habit of trees deciding to duck and hide, or even just lay down when the winds pick up. We really need to get some braver trees in this country. Do they not realise that it is highly inconvenient when the trees knock down the electricity lines in their haste to lay down to safety, it leaves us unable to cook our dinner and watch TV.

Not to mention the inconvenience of these scared trees having a party with the road that apparently you need an invitation to attend. The detours that have to be made to avoid these party animals are such a waste of time. If only the trees would stay standing in their beds, would be much easier for everybody; nobody likes to have to go and tidy up the morning after a good party.

Did you know that British storms are paddling pools opportunity to try and escape their cage? Who would want to stay in a trapped fenced garden when you can ride the wind and get out to freedom? Next doors paddling pool, left abandoned and loose in the garden, spent the entire day trying to make its way out of the gate and to freedom. It could picture a peaceful life, floating down the river that runs along the side of the house, no longer being thrown about by children, no more being deflated and then huffed and puffed back up. It would have a serene life floating to the big open ocean where it could travel wherever it may wish. Sadly it was captured by the humans next door and put within a building, making its escape plan a lot harder.

The icing on the cake was that it was bin day. Yes, the simple fact that there were bins out for collection made this experience so much better as it gave us something to bet on; which of the wheelie bins was going to make it to the end of the road first? I am very sad to say that ours lost, after moving about 5 metres, it toppled over and laid in the middle of the road. We got assistance to it very quickly and rectified the situation, it was returned to its home. No wheelie bins were harmed in this excitement.




June and July Favourites – Summer Edition

So once again I am very late with writing this post; somehow I’m good at keeping note of the things I want to mention in these posts but I then put off writing them for some reason. Well summer seems like ages ago, but for some reason I’ve only just gotten into the mood for summery food; guess that’s just where I’m feeling a bit better. But anyway lets get into the things that I enjoyed at the height of summer.

One of the best things about the summer for me was the return of some of my favourite TV shows. Handmaids Tale  and Humans both launched their new seasons in June, and both were brilliant. I will admit, I have a few episodes of each to catch up on, so I will then do a full review of the series, would this be something you’d like to see?

Now every new season, I have to make a comment on my favourite costa drink, after all my partner does work there. Summer is always my favourite season for drinks, you just cant beat yummy cold coffee, and this year my favourite was easily Salted Caramel Crunch. Gorgeous cold coffee, with salted caramel syrup and crunchy sugar pieces. Okay, I will say, they are not the healthiest, but hey if you are going to treat yourself you may as well do it properly. Bit sad to see the summer menu leave now, and not too excited for any of the autumn ones.

While away for my partners birthday I started doing some reading again for my childhood psychology degree. I rediscovered my love of the psychology Freud, who had many theories on childhood development, relationships, and sexual orientation. For years, I have found his life and work highly interesting having first studied him at A-level, its great to get to analyse theories further now I’m doing psychology in my degree.  img_0919
This summer I loved some of the new music that came out, but as always I also listened to some that was new to me but not new out. I have done a post full of some of my favourite music from the summer that you can see here. But to narrow it down, I have been adoring everything by Halsey and Anne-Marie. I was meant to be seeing Ed Sheeran who had Anne-Marie opening for him, but was really disappointed that I ended up not being able to go because of being ill. I am planning on doing another post about music I love, would you be interested in this?

Finally, over the summer I tried to increase my water intake, and one easy way of doing this is to introduce flavour to it. The favourite that I found is the Apple and Elderflower Volvic water. I already knew that I loved the Strawberry and the Lemon and Lime. The best part is its sugar free!So that’s just some of the things I’ve loved this summer, I will be getting out an autumn addition hopefully a but more on time.

What did you love this summer?


Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination #2 2018

So you may notice that I did one of these posts quite recently, but as I have been nominated again I thought I might as well answer the new questions. You can see my first post for this from this year here.  


The Sunshine Blogger Award is about recognizing bloggers for being positive, inspiring, and creative. This award is voted by bloggers to acknowledge their achievements and offer support.

What are the rules of the Sunshine Blogger Award?

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog so others can find them.
  • Answer the 11 questions which the blogger who nominated you asked.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 different questions
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog site.

I will not be coming up with more questions nor nominating people, but if you want to take a look at my previous post about this, you will find the questions I  thought of then. Feel free to count yourself as nominated and tag me in your responses.

This time around I was nominated by the lovely Happily Amber After; you can find her post about the award here. Her blog is amazing, I really recommend checking it out.

Lets get into the questions…

Why did you start blogging?

I started my blog at a point in my life when I was very ill. To begin with it was purely for fun, but quickly developed into a way for me to talk about my struggles with disability.

How long have you been blogging for?

I started my blog in the October of 2015, so it will now be almost 3 years. Got to be honest, I have only really been dedicated to it this year though.

What is your favourite movie and why?

This is an easy one for me, my favourite film of all time for as long as I can remember is The Lion King. As for why, I honestly done know, I’ve just always loved it, now I just find it really comforting.

If you do anything, what would it be?

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a primary school teacher, but then more recently since finding out I’m unlikely to be able to work a set job, I’ve wanted to write. Problem is I just don’t have the confidence to do it.

Who is your favourite celebrity?

To be honest, I don’t have one; I’m really not one to follow celebrities.

Which blog post on your blog is your favourite to date?

My favourite style of blog posts to write are my bed rest diaries. I find these so fun plus it highlights just what its like to be on bed rest so often. But I think my favourites are probably my pet introductions, you can see Barney’s, the boys, and the princesses at these links.

What would you be doing if you didn’t have a blog?

Probably very similar to what I already do, just more reading, and maybe moving along with my degree a bit better.

Where would you like to travel to?

I know this will sound weird as it is dangerous, but I have always wanted to go to Russia. The history really fascinating, especially the revolution and the downfall of the monarchy.

What is your worst habit?

Not sure I can narrow it down to one, I have horrible habits of over thinking and putting scary things off. But that then makes me overthink more and then just get in a spiral of anxiety.

Who is your favourite recording artist?

Sia, easily Sia, Ive loved everything she has come out with these past few years. But I also love Halsey and Anne-Marie; you can see what I was listening to this summer here.

What do you love most about your blog?

The opportunities it has given me to work with some really amazing publishers and authors; not to mention the brilliant people I’ve got to meet along the journey.


September 18 Goals

I’ve not done one of these posts in a very long time, and to be fair I’m not one to normally set myself goals due to the stress that I find it will generally cause me. However lately I have been loving seeing my blog grow and the satisfaction I’m feeling from being organised and proactive. So I thought it would make sense to just set myself some achievable goals to give me a focus this month. img_0341-3

I have three main goals for blog and socials, all which I feel will be achievable for me this month. The first is I would like to hit 200 wordpress followers. As of the end of August, I have 119 wordpress followers, and this has been rather stagnant for quite a while now. Lately I have found that follow sprees on Twitter are a fabulous way to find new bloggers to follow, and in turn to get my blog out there for new people to find.

Throughout the month of August I managed to reach just over 1.2k in views over all of my posts on the blog. Although this is a almost 0.3k up from July, I would really like to hit 1.4k in September. I have lots of new varied content planned, a blog tour, and just some new different pieces to add some variety to the blog. DSC_0193
The final goal for the blog and socials is to reach 1k followers on Twitter. Although I never really announced them, I had this same goal last month, but I lost track of it about mid month and you can never hit your goals if you don’t work towards them. As of the end of August I’m at just over 850 followers on Twitter, so 1k should be a super easy goal to meet if I keep with the progression I have been achieving.

Now I only have one rather broad goal in my personal life, and that is to start making healthier choices. With my Fibro and EDS I find that I struggle a lot in the winter months with pain and fatigue levels, and the only way I have found to make this a little easier to handle is to start making healthier choices sooner rather than later. So why not start now? I’m going to be switching up some of my habits, drinks and food choices so that my body and immune system are in the best position to get through what will ultimately be a challenging few months. I will write a post about the changes I’ll be making at a later date as I have some experimenting to do.

I also start university again very soon, so will have more goals to add soon I’m sure.

What are you hoping to achieve this September? Do you have any personal or blog related goals that you are confident about?