Emojiathon TBR

Normally I would be doing my March TBR right now, but as the Emojiathon is lasting for the whole of March this time around, I thought I might as well just do a readathon TBR. Also, this will be my longest ever readathon so it will be interesting to see how I cope with the extended period; especially coming off of such a good reading month in February. So the Emojiathon has a whole bunch of challenges to help you build your TBR pile, as well as a bingo board challenge. This time around I have just chosen some books that fit with random challenges rather than going for Bingo- I’m such a mood reader that I find trying to stick to strict challenges really hard. Not going to lie, looking at my pile of books, I do feel like I have maybe chosen the easier of the challenges, but as always this TBR will likely change during the month. Even more likely as I have my birthday this month, so if I get books, I am likely going to want to read them first- but I’ll make them fit into the challenges.

Well, this might be cheating a touch, but oh well. I’m going to be completing the challenge of read a book you’ve started but haven’t finished, but finishing the book I’m reading for the end of February. While writing this, I do not know what book that will be, but hay its definitely one challenge down.

The first book I am going to be hopefully reading is A Breath after Drowning by Alice Blanchard. This is an arc I have received from the lovely Titan Books, and will be doing a full review for this in April. But more about the book, it is a thriller, so fits that challenge; I had also never heard of it until I was asked to review it, so two challenges. This is probably the first full book I’m planning to read.

I have two other review books on this list, the next being The Hollow Tree by James Brogden. Again, thank you very much to Titan Books. This comes out on 18th of March and is a dark horror stroke fantasy. So that is one challenge done, it also has green on the cover which is my favourite colour so two challenges again.

Finally, the last arc on this list is Member of the Family by Dianne Lake and Deborah Herman. This is my only non-fiction on the list which is a challenge done. Want to quickly thank Harper Element for sending me a review copy. I cant help but think that this may also deal with mental illness, but I cant be sure so not going to count it until my wrap up.

The next two books both cover the challenge on read a book you haven’t read yet and you don’t know why. Both of these are sequels that I have been meaning to pick up since last year, and honestly don’t know why I haven’t.

Also covering the book that involves travel challenge, I have Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs. Okay, so I’m stretching this challenge a bit, but the blurb says he travels so I’m counting it. As well as Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, this covers the Scifi book challenge as well.

So my Dad has been nagging me to read this next book pretty much ever since he read it last year, so I think I might have to get round to it just to make him quiet. That book is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, as many of you will know its being made into a movie currently so it also covers the adaption challenge.


Outside of my comfort zone is a pretty tough challenge for me, I read almost anything as long as it looks some what interesting. However, RomCom books are the one thing I avoid so, I have picked pretty much the only RomCom book that I think I own. I brought I Wrote A Book About You by Amy Louise Ware to support the debut author who had been on the same Open University course as me. Not going to lie, I know nothing about the book, so I’ll be going in blind.

Finally, I have three books to try and meet the diverse challenge; I’m ashamed to say I’m bad at these challenges as I just choose my books by the plot and as a high fantasy fan, diverse is quite a hard challenge for me to determine until Ive read the book. However my Dad has helped me with this and lent me 3 of his books, that he is telling me have diverse authors. I know nothing about these, so just going to give you the titles. First I have Fury by Salman Rushdie, I think I like this one the most; then I have The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night time by Mark Haddon, and lastly Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own Autobiography- this looks like a super fun read!

So that is all the books I have picked out, but who knows if I will actually stick to this. With my birthday in the first week of March, I may just completely change my plan! I am hoping to get hold of a couple more comics that I will add in to the TBR to make up numbers.

What are you reading for the readathon or March? And does anyone feel like a buddy read?

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