April Wrap Up

Aha, if there was ever a fail of a wrap up, its this one; so prepare yourself for a really short little read. Compared to my normal 5 books a month, I have really not been doing good lately. So not only did I only manage to read 2 books this month, they weren’t even proper books as such, they were both just comic books. I know, my reading slump is really in full force, despite constantly making me this it was letting go. For your benefit, I’ll keep this short but sweet as I would just be babbling if I was to try and lengthen this to any degree.

The two comics I read in April were Saga Volumes three and four. Yes that is really all I managed to read. yes its shocking, yes I’m ashamed. I need to conquer this reading slump.

Both of these were four star reads and as soon as I have the money I will be picking up the next two in the series which I will probably also read back to back.

As for moving on to May, I do have reading plans but its so far not looking hopeful. Look out for my May TBR next week to see what I will be trying to read, fingers crossed I have more hope than this month.

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