Wrap UP of a failure month

Wow, so reading slump is causing havoc in my life. I’m starting writing this on the 25th of May, and I am yet to even get half way through a book; however I have started a whole selection of books, so I have hope that the next six days may hold some possibility of finishing a book. Not sure I’ll hold my breath though as I am not very well.So it has now been a few more days since I wrote that introduction, and I have actually had a very successful few days with reading. There is still one day left and I am hoping to add another one to this list but we will see how that goes. Right now, I’ll let you know what I have read up until now, the 30th.

First book I managed to finish was The Captive by Debra Jo Immergut, and I loved it! I had a few issues with the writing and getting a touch confused at time, but overall it was a highly addicting book that had hold of me and pulled me along with it. I could not put this down and actually read it in just 3 days- yes I’m actually back to my normal reading speed!! In the end I gave this four stars. I will have a full review up as part of the blog tour on the 12th of June, which I do believe will be after this.

At last I managed to finish Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire. Not sure why it took me so long for such a good and short book, but I started it going into my reading slump so I’m blaming that. I love this series, and as soon as I have the money or get to the library I will be picking up the next one. They are such fun quick reads, but they truly get you thinking I find. This was a 3.5 or 4 star read for me, I cant quite make my mind up as I love these, but they aren’t anything amazing; but then I think that that’s because they are novellas rather than full novels. Either way, I highly recommend them if you don’t have much time but want a quick fantastical story.

So I didn’t quite manage to finish The Hazel Wood, so that leaves this wrap up at a total of 2 books. This is a definite improvement to previous months and also to what the start of this month looked like. What did you read in May?

4 thoughts on “Wrap UP of a failure month

  1. It sucks so much when this happens (and it happens too often!). We all have those times and it’s hard to know how (or want to) push through it. I’m thinking of doing a ‘How to keep up on your reading goals’ post in a couple of weeks…would you be interested? Laura x


    1. Absolutely! That sounds like a really great post idea; I am always behind on my goals. Currently very behind on my Goodreads goals for the year, not to mention my other ones. I’ll keep an eye out for it x

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