Bed Rest Diaries #2 Part 2

To be honest, I was not planning on having two parts to this diary, Id been hoping to just keep it to the one. But as I have now been put on an extra five days of antibiotics and bed rest, I thought I might as well split it in two to stop it getting too long. So right now its Sunday, and with the extra five days, its not until Thursday that I will be back up and running. Lets see what I get up to in that time, and I’m praying I start to feel better soon. img_0341-3
Day 6- 27/5/18

In typical Alexx fashion, I completely forgot to update yesterday as was just a bit down about having to continue on bed rest for a further five days. But I did actually get to spend the day with my partner just chilling, and sitting in the hot tub, basically generally relaxing. Which did help me mentally if nothing else. I did also manage to read 62 pages of The Captives by Debra Jo Immergut, which is a thriller that I am getting really into.

And onto today; so its nearly 2pm, and I haven’t really done anything. I have watched a couple of TV programmes, and youtube videos; oh yeah, and I have managed to fall down the stairs. So yes not going well. Plan for the rest of the day now is to possibly write some more blog posts, but probably just to read and nap. As you can guess, I have no energy, and am hurting quite a lot, but we’ll see how today goes. Cant get worse than falling over..

Today has actually gone so well, at least it has after the falling over incident. I have pretty much just not moved from my sofa, and read about 140 pages of The Captives so I’m over half way through now. I’m now going to make myself a cuppa tea, and settle down to watch Handmaids Tale before going to bed to read for another hour or so. Absolutely loving the Captives and think I’ll probably get it finished tomorrow!

Day 7- 28/5/18

I seem to be setting a trend of not updating this diary until 2pm. You guessed it, its just after 2pm again, so time for first update. Last night, I actually stuck to my plan and watched Handmaids Tale which was fabulous as always, and then read to page 243 of The Captives in bed. I am adoring this book!!

Today I feel very sorry for myself, I hurt from when I fell yesterday, and just feel very fed up of being ill. So I’ve just been sitting watching TV with Dad before he went out for the afternoon, and he then bought me chocolate and books!! But now, I am at least feeling a but more positive, so am going to sit and read for the afternoon until EastEnders this evening.

Just wanted to mention that Ive been using my Pick’n’Melt wax melts yesterday evening and today, I just feel it puts me even more in the mood to read. Currently I’m using the Cola Cubes one which I’m loving! I will be doing a review when I’ve used some of the others as well. Will update you later.

Its just past 7.30pm, and I have finished The Captives! It was amazing, I’m still contemplating my rating, but I am thinking that it will probably by 3.5 or 4, most likely a 4. It did have its weaknesses, but it was also just a propelling story that kept me wanting to read it; after all  I have read it in three days, which is a huge success after such a reading slump.

Since finishing it I have repicked up Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire, and am on page 32 of it; im now going to start writing my review for The Captives, then watch some TV before going to bed to read for a few hours.

Day 8- 29/5/18

Yesterday just felt like such a good day, although I felt no better in terms of being ill, it was good to get a book finished. Todays plan is a little different as my Nan is coming over to help look after me both physically and mentally, as Ive been having a bit of a Schizophrenia blip. But then we are heading to the doctors as I have a jab and check up later on today. Before then I want to try and finish Down Among the Sticks and Bones as Im currently on page 119, so I feel I can get this finished. Will update you later.

Just got back from my doctors appointment, and turns out that the antibiotics haven’t been working in the absolute slightest, the infection is still just as it was. So I am now on new antibiotics, and if that doesn’t work then will probably be looking at needing IV antibiotics. But I have a managed to read to page 157 of Down Among the Sticks and Bones, so I’ll finish the last 30 pages this evening. After Im thinking I’ll continue on with The Hazel Wood. Might do another update later, but if Im honest, Im in a fed up mood, so may just sink into book world this evening and get back to you in the morning.

Wait for Day 9 that will come in part 3!

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