Bed Rest Diaries #2 Part 3

When you’ve been on bed rest for so long that your diary ends up going into three parts. Either these will be super popular, or you’ll all be really bored, but personally I find them super fun and interesting to write so I’m going to continue. Hopefully, with my final three days on bed rest, I’ll start to feel a bit better and be a bit more interesting. img_0341-3
Day 9- 30/5/18

Its almost 4pm, but I have actually had a some what successful day already. I have watched Britain’s Got Talent from last night, and done the phone calls I needed to. So it looks like tomorrow may be a very exciting day; though I cant say anymore about that until its all confirmed. Anyway, last night I finished Down Among the Sticks and Bones, which was a fabulous little book, and I’ve picked back up The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert. Read about 30 pages of it last night so Im now on page 115. Going to go and finish off another blog post before jumping back into it, the aim is to finish The Hazel Wood by the end of tomorrow.

Think this is my latest update so far, its almost 10pm and almost time for bed but thought I’d give a quick update. So I haven’t actually got any reading done quite yet, but I have drafted out two blog posts, and made lots of progress of my journal.

But to be fair the main distraction of my day has been the new mobile Harry Potter game! My cousin who is a fellow big Potter fan, and I text her earlier just randomly, and she told me how great she had been finding the game, so I felt I just had to try it. Not going to lie, it is addictive, I think this is going to have me playing for quite a while. But I will soon be going to bed and will try and get through a good chunk of The Hazel Wood as still ideally want to have it finish by the end of tomorrow.

Day 10- 31/5/18

I am so almost at the end of my bed rest for this time around, and can not wait to be back to my normal self. But anyway, last night I got to the half way mark of The Hazel Wood, now on page 183; I am still hopeful of finishing it today as going to sit and read for the afternoon after this.

This morning, I did venture out to get my nails done which was very much needed, but I am now very warn out. So rest of today will be spent reading and possibly edit a blog post ready to go out. Will update you later.

Despite being exhausted all afternoon I’ve had a great day. I’ve had my sandalwood wax melt from Pick’n’Melt burning pretty much all afternoon which has just been putting me in a great mood, as the scent reminds me of my Granddad. So I had been hoping to read all afternoon, but I somehow managed to fall asleep on my sofa for about an hour.

Thankfully after dinner I have managed to read to about page 230, leaving me 120 pages left to read. I’m hoping to get through this tonight in bed, after I’ve finished watching Ambulance with my Nan and possibly have another cup of tea. Cant wait for tomorrow to be my last day on bed rest!!

Day 11- 1/6/18

So if I’m perfectly honest, its looking like Im going to be resting over the weekend and possibly even cancelling my trip, but today is definitely going to be the last day in this diary as I feel its gone on long enough.

Yesterday night I actually ended up being really tired, so didn’t manage to finish The Hazel Wood. However I did get to page 269, so I have less than 100 pages left and should finish that today. That is my plan for today, to finish my book. Ash is heading over later so wont be able to read in bed, but to be fair I need the company!


So just to wrap up, I did manage to finish The Hazel Wood, and absolutely loved it. I have now picked up The Mermaid by Christina Henry, and am feeling no better. Looking like I’ll be postponing my trip next week and going back to the doctors.

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