Recent Favourites; Spring Edition

Okay, so I was going to do these every couple of months but I have fallen really behind. Therefore this is my way of catching up, and hopefully I’ll do one in early August for my June and July favourites. But I guess we will see how I actually get on with it. So following on after my last favourites post, I’m going to introduce you to the new things I have been loving.

Most of my time, lately I swear has been spent playing games on my phone. Its no secret that I love real-time games, and I have been loving the new Harry Potter mobile game. At the time of writing this I have got to Year 2, and am obsessed with it, I’m already disappointed that there are only four years. The second game is another mobile game, one very much based on the old classic phone game Snake. SnakeVSBlock is a super addictive, and competitive game, that has had me glued to my phone. I pity my poor phone battery.

As before, while I’ve been ill I have been watching quite a lot of Netflix and me and my partner have been loving some of the series. We have finished all of the comedy Uncle, and are going to need to order the final season on DVD as I just cant wait for Netflix to get up to speed. We have now moved on to Fresh Meat, something I’d seen clips of before when my Dad watched it, but had never sat and watched it. I am loving it, keep nagging my partner that we need to see each other more, just so we can binge watch it. Due to a technical error, we did also start a rewatch for both of us of Outnumbered, the BBC comedy series from ages ago.

For once, Netflix is not the only TV I have been watching. I have got myself back engrossed in EastEnders. I know, I cant help it, I’ve been spending too much time with my Nan and she has got me back into my old favourite soaps. I’ve also been watching all my normal favourites of Goldbergs, The Big Bang theory and I have been loving Young Sheldon! I can not get over just how good those children are at acting like the adult versions. And did you know that the women that played Sheldon’s mother in each of the programmes are mother and daughter?

Finally, I just need to do a shout out to Whitworth dried fruits! While not exercising, I do try and limit my calorie intake, so I have replaced a lot of junk food with fruit, or at least dried fruit. I adore their fruit shots, especially the raisin and dark chocolate ones, as well as their dried apricots.

So that’s what I’ve been loving over the spring; and I will try my hardest to be more on top of things to start doing them every other month. How was your spring?

4 thoughts on “Recent Favourites; Spring Edition

    1. I only found out recently, I think it’s such a clever idea for making sure they look alike. You do, it’s amazing, it’s almost better than Big Bang theory!xx


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