And I’m on the move.

So finally I can talk about the big thing that has been looming over me the past couple of months- I am moving again. Its really a bit of a long story as to why we are having to move, which I’ll explain in a moment, but to be fair I am actually reasonably excited about this one. We are moving yet again further north and closer to both my own and my fathers partners; and again moving to a village which has me very happy. img_0341-3
Back in January, me and my Dad signed a five year tenancy agreement to stay in the house that we are currently renting, though this time without the estate agent and just direct with the landlord. We had settled here, and my new dog has finally come out of his shell in this house, so we saw no reason to move. But at the beginning of May we started getting phone calls about rent arrears from the estate agent. We thought this very odd as we were in the belief that our agreement with them had then ended.

After several phone calls, we worked out that our landlord had actually not stopped the agreement with the estate agents, and therefore we now had TWO live contracts. This was very scary as of course we were now being expected to pay the rent twice for just the one house. We went on to talk to lawyers and citizens advice, sending them copies of the contracts etc, and they all came to the conclusion (eventually after lots of toing and froing) that neither of the contracts were actually valid. They were both null and void for various reasons, but I wont get into the legal side of it. All I will say is, none of it was actually our fault, people just hadn’t done what they should of.

But lets get into the interesting bit, we are moving to Cambridgeshire, Little Paxton to be exact. I am so happy to be moving back into a village, as I grew up in one, and having really been enjoying living so close to a busy town centre. We’ve downsized as we just have too much space here at the moment, but it is a three storey townhouse, with plenty of space for me and my Dad to live independently. This is something we find works really well for us with my disability, on good days I can be perfectly independent as an adult, but with my Dad there to help on the days that I am bed bound.

So I am moving the 6th of July, just after this will go live, and I am currently trying to get everything ready and packed up. Well to be honest at the moment Im still going through boxes I never unpacked from last year to see if I actually want any of the stuff in them- I can tell you, most of it is going straight in the donation bag. With my partner over on the weekend and then Nan again next week, I should be ready to move without too much stress.

I will do an update once I am all moved in, and have Wifi again, as that could take a couple of days.


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