AugustReads& SeptEmojiathon TBR 18

So what’s this? Month three of the reading slump? Well one things for sure, this is once again going to be a very short wrap up, hence combining it with my TBR again.

Throughout August I was reading Dance of Thieves by Mary E Pearson; I adore this book, I have absolutely no idea why I haven’t finished the final 50 pages. Well other than I’ve been ill, and had a wedding, holiday and general life stuff going on. But either way, its just not an excuse, I normally read loads more than this even when I’m busier.

So in September, despite one of my favourite readathons being held, I am going to try and be realistic with my aims. I need to prep for university starting again next month, and have a short getaway this weekend, but other than that I have a pretty free month.

With the many challenges of the Emojiathon (you can see the challenges and my options here), I decided to just choose the books from my options that I most want to read. I’m hoping that by doing this, I should hopefully fly through some books and get catching up with my Goodreads goal.
img_0961.jpgThe first book that I will most definitely be finishing is Dance of Thieves by Mary E Pearson; so far this is an easy 4 if not possibly a 5 star read for me- though I knew it would be. Honestly, I will not lie, other than my reading slump I don’t know why this book has not possibly been read several times over already.

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to do a reread of the Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman. I read this when I was in my mid teens, and loved it then; I’ve kept hold of the books for so long just knowing I would love to reread them.

Next is another gorgeous fairytale retelling, Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. I received my copy for review- thank you TOR!!-and I just cant wait to jump into it. Only thing is, I don’t want to start it while I’m in a slump as I’m nervous it will make me love it slightly less. But we will see, maybe a fairy tale is exactly what I need to get me out of this.

The last and final book on my TBR is Lancelot by Giles Kristian. I bought this for myself straight after it came out, having intended to read it while on holiday back in July I believe. I love ancient historical fiction and Giles Kristian is one who has been on my radar for a while, just sadly I’ve never picked up one of his books. This will have to change.

Although those four books make up my TBR, the same day that this will be going up on my blog, the new C.F Iggulden book will be released and I have it on preorder. I will warn you now there is a very strong chance that I will be picking it straight up.

What are you reading this month? Are you taking part in the Emojiathon?

10 thoughts on “AugustReads& SeptEmojiathon TBR 18

  1. The Noughts and Crosses series has been on my TBR since I was in school so probably at least 8 years now and I still haven’t got around to it even though I know so many people love it! I’ve heard great reviews of Spinning Silver too, I hope you get out of your slump soon!

    Jess //

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  2. I would love to take part in a readathon! I wouldn’t be able to do one now, but it’s definitely something to think about for the future! Noughts and Crosses is a brilliant book. I read it for the first time as an adult a couple of years ago, awesome read! Wishing you all the best and hope you are able to get out of the slump xx

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