September 18 Goals

I’ve not done one of these posts in a very long time, and to be fair I’m not one to normally set myself goals due to the stress that I find it will generally cause me. However lately I have been loving seeing my blog grow and the satisfaction I’m feeling from being organised and proactive. So I thought it would make sense to just set myself some achievable goals to give me a focus this month. img_0341-3

I have three main goals for blog and socials, all which I feel will be achievable for me this month. The first is I would like to hit 200 wordpress followers. As of the end of August, I have 119 wordpress followers, and this has been rather stagnant for quite a while now. Lately I have found that follow sprees on Twitter are a fabulous way to find new bloggers to follow, and in turn to get my blog out there for new people to find.

Throughout the month of August I managed to reach just over 1.2k in views over all of my posts on the blog. Although this is a almost 0.3k up from July, I would really like to hit 1.4k in September. I have lots of new varied content planned, a blog tour, and just some new different pieces to add some variety to the blog. DSC_0193
The final goal for the blog and socials is to reach 1k followers on Twitter. Although I never really announced them, I had this same goal last month, but I lost track of it about mid month and you can never hit your goals if you don’t work towards them. As of the end of August I’m at just over 850 followers on Twitter, so 1k should be a super easy goal to meet if I keep with the progression I have been achieving.

Now I only have one rather broad goal in my personal life, and that is to start making healthier choices. With my Fibro and EDS I find that I struggle a lot in the winter months with pain and fatigue levels, and the only way I have found to make this a little easier to handle is to start making healthier choices sooner rather than later. So why not start now? I’m going to be switching up some of my habits, drinks and food choices so that my body and immune system are in the best position to get through what will ultimately be a challenging few months. I will write a post about the changes I’ll be making at a later date as I have some experimenting to do.

I also start university again very soon, so will have more goals to add soon I’m sure.

What are you hoping to achieve this September? Do you have any personal or blog related goals that you are confident about?

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