June and July Favourites – Summer Edition

So once again I am very late with writing this post; somehow I’m good at keeping note of the things I want to mention in these posts but I then put off writing them for some reason. Well summer seems like ages ago, but for some reason I’ve only just gotten into the mood for summery food; guess that’s just where I’m feeling a bit better. But anyway lets get into the things that I enjoyed at the height of summer.

One of the best things about the summer for me was the return of some of my favourite TV shows. Handmaids Tale  and Humans both launched their new seasons in June, and both were brilliant. I will admit, I have a few episodes of each to catch up on, so I will then do a full review of the series, would this be something you’d like to see?

Now every new season, I have to make a comment on my favourite costa drink, after all my partner does work there. Summer is always my favourite season for drinks, you just cant beat yummy cold coffee, and this year my favourite was easily Salted Caramel Crunch. Gorgeous cold coffee, with salted caramel syrup and crunchy sugar pieces. Okay, I will say, they are not the healthiest, but hey if you are going to treat yourself you may as well do it properly. Bit sad to see the summer menu leave now, and not too excited for any of the autumn ones.

While away for my partners birthday I started doing some reading again for my childhood psychology degree. I rediscovered my love of the psychology Freud, who had many theories on childhood development, relationships, and sexual orientation. For years, I have found his life and work highly interesting having first studied him at A-level, its great to get to analyse theories further now I’m doing psychology in my degree.  img_0919
This summer I loved some of the new music that came out, but as always I also listened to some that was new to me but not new out. I have done a post full of some of my favourite music from the summer that you can see here. But to narrow it down, I have been adoring everything by Halsey and Anne-Marie. I was meant to be seeing Ed Sheeran who had Anne-Marie opening for him, but was really disappointed that I ended up not being able to go because of being ill. I am planning on doing another post about music I love, would you be interested in this?

Finally, over the summer I tried to increase my water intake, and one easy way of doing this is to introduce flavour to it. The favourite that I found is the Apple and Elderflower Volvic water. I already knew that I loved the Strawberry and the Lemon and Lime. The best part is its sugar free!So that’s just some of the things I’ve loved this summer, I will be getting out an autumn addition hopefully a but more on time.

What did you love this summer?

3 thoughts on “June and July Favourites – Summer Edition

  1. Great post! So much to love about this summer. You have excellent taste! This summer I was happy to experience lots of state-wide travel and road trips with my partner, paired with plenty of Netflix to balance it out. We tried delicious new recipes (we really like turkey bacon pita pizzas) and saved money on eating out. I also started my blog, exercised regularly, and threw myself into my side job as a freelance writer. Lots of great things happening! 🙂

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  2. Would love to see a music post! I love music as I feel it has got me through so much! That volvic sugar free water is life! Absolutely love the stuff. I literally lived on it whilst pregnant with my son. Lovely read xx

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    1. I’ll definitely do a music post in the future then. I know, I adore the sugar free water; so good to be able to drink as much of them as you want without worrying about sugar content xx


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