How to Survive a Very British Storm…

In the past week Great Britain has been hit by not one but two storm large enough to earn themselves a name, these storms were Ali and Bronagh. It became evident just how badly prepared we are for dealing with even the barest of storms; I could list huge numbers of news stories about the chaos that commenced due the storm, but instead I thought I would just tell you some of the ridiculous things I saw from the comfort of my sofa.

Within this country there appears to be a pattern of placing overhead electricity lines right next to trees that are afraid of the big scary storm. There seems to be a habit of trees deciding to duck and hide, or even just lay down when the winds pick up. We really need to get some braver trees in this country. Do they not realise that it is highly inconvenient when the trees knock down the electricity lines in their haste to lay down to safety, it leaves us unable to cook our dinner and watch TV.

Not to mention the inconvenience of these scared trees having a party with the road that apparently you need an invitation to attend. The detours that have to be made to avoid these party animals are such a waste of time. If only the trees would stay standing in their beds, would be much easier for everybody; nobody likes to have to go and tidy up the morning after a good party.

Did you know that British storms are paddling pools opportunity to try and escape their cage? Who would want to stay in a trapped fenced garden when you can ride the wind and get out to freedom? Next doors paddling pool, left abandoned and loose in the garden, spent the entire day trying to make its way out of the gate and to freedom. It could picture a peaceful life, floating down the river that runs along the side of the house, no longer being thrown about by children, no more being deflated and then huffed and puffed back up. It would have a serene life floating to the big open ocean where it could travel wherever it may wish. Sadly it was captured by the humans next door and put within a building, making its escape plan a lot harder.

The icing on the cake was that it was bin day. Yes, the simple fact that there were bins out for collection made this experience so much better as it gave us something to bet on; which of the wheelie bins was going to make it to the end of the road first? I am very sad to say that ours lost, after moving about 5 metres, it toppled over and laid in the middle of the road. We got assistance to it very quickly and rectified the situation, it was returned to its home. No wheelie bins were harmed in this excitement.



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