October 18 Goals

For some reason I really liked having my goals set out last month, so I thought this month I would let you know how I got on as well as letting you know of the new goals I’ve set myself. So quickly before looking back at my goals for September, I just want to say that I have felt like I have had a really good month. Despite being pretty run down and not feeling great emotionally or physically, I feel like I got a good amount of what I wanted to do done; I feel like I’ve had a very productive month.img_0341-3

Now into the facts of how I got on in September. My first set of goals were all to do with the blog and my social media, I wanted to hit 200 wordpress followers, hit 1.4k views and reach 1000 twitter followers.

In actual fact I reached 152 wordpress followers, which although it not the goal, it is an increase of 33. This is still good in my eyes as am aware that I lost my rhythm with promotion work. I smashed the 1.4k views goal, getting a total of 1479 views; honestly don’t think I could be happier with this. And finally, I reached 939 followers on twitter. I will admit I am quite annoyed about this one, but I am also perfectly aware as to why it happened; plus its still a 89 increase.

So now for my hopes for October. Due to still not feeling overly well I want to keep these reasonably simple and doable. Therefore I am going to be aiming for hitting 200 wordpress followers, and 1000 twitter followers again. But as I smashed my views goal, I am going to up that again to 1.6k views over the month. I have another good month of varied content so I am confident that I can do this.

On another note, my personal goals for September were really rather vague, but I truly feel like I have done the best I possibly could for this one. I’m really happy with the healthy choices I have been making and feel like these are great foundations for helping me over the winter. In the next few weeks I will be doing a post all about the changes I have made with my tips to make it simple and straightforward.

For October my goals are once again all based around one thing, this month its study. As of yesterday I am now back at uni, well still at home, but I’m studying. So this month my main goal is to develop a simple, effective, low stress study routine. I want to stay on top of my study, or possibly even get ahead of myself. I’m actually pretty excited about getting back into it, so hoping that if I can get myself into a routine now, then it will continue throughout the whole year.

Have you set yourself any goals for October? I would love to here what you are hoping to achieve.


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