January ’19 TBR

Normally my TBR posts are a joint piece combining what I want to read in the coming month as well as what I read in the month before; but like much of 2018, I didn’t manage to read anything, and you have to actually read to write a wrap up. So we are starting the year with hopefully the only pure TBR post of the year, and that is what I am hoping to read in January.

After so many awful months of barely reading at all, I am not going to try and not aim to high to begin with. I much prefer the idea of setting the bar low, and being pleasantly surprised if I happen to get around to more books than planned. I think that two and my poll book will be a good base to start with, I feel like I should hopefully be easily able to read three books within a month.

The first book of the year that I am planning on, and hopefully sticking to, is The Lost Man by Jane Harper. I adored The Dry by Jane Harper, and quite enjoyed The Force of Nature; I am so excited for this one and have the honour of doing my review for it on the 4th of Feb, so keep your eyes open.

One I started back in November, and was actually really enjoying is the next one that I will picking up; that book would be Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. A fairytale retelling, this is set to be an amazing novel, that I am really excited to jump back into; still so unknowing as to why I even put it down. The hope is that I can fly through this one.

That leads us onto the twitter poll for this month. Some point today it will be going live, and your book options for the first poll of the year are…

Fantastic Beasts; The Crimes of Grindelwald by JK Rowling. I got this for Christmas and not too sure why I haven’t already picked this up, I was so excited for the movie but I haven’t managed to see it yet, so that gives me the perfect situation to read the playscript first.

Clash of Empires by Ben Kane. One of my all time favourite historical fiction authors, I have had this book since the day it came out and I really can not wait to pick it up.

Shiang by CF Iggulden. Another historical author, but this is the sequel to his first fantasy novel; I loved the first, and although I started this one, I put it down. No idea why, as I really should love it.

So that’s it, you can choose which of the three I add to my TBR. What are you planning on reading this month?

8 thoughts on “January ’19 TBR

  1. I actually haven’t read any of the books from your tbr. But this month I am planning on rereading Strange the Dreamer and Clockwork Princess. And the rest is going to be a surprise haha. I am not good at planning my tbr, I am a very moody reader.

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    1. I really need to get around to reading both of those, though I’ve not read the mortal instruments series yet and can’t decide in what order to read them! I’m a mood reader, so I very rarely actually stick to the TBR, but I find it fun to make one xx


      1. It’s definitely a lot of fun. Though I always feel bad when I don’t succeed in reading all of the books from my tbr. Both of these books are absolutely amazing – that’s why I am rereading them! I am actually rereading the entire Shadowhunter Chronicles for the 2nd time now and I really recommend reading it in the order they came out. TMI series is not the best but it’s worth reading just to get so much more fun out of TID and TDA 😊

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      2. Ah, I think I’ve failed with TBRs for so long that I don’t even feel bad about it now. I’ll definitely have to get to it, I own them all, just never got around to reading them xx

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