Lets Chat… I have Pneumonia

I set this challenge of doing a full month of blogging throughout January and although I am determined to keep up with it, but as normal life has thrown a curve ball. Todays post is running over 12 hours late, although still going live on the right day (so that’s counts), as I spent most of yesterday in A&E and then most of today asleep.

Since October, I have really been struggling with my breathing, been back and forth to Doctors, tried various treatments and inhalers, then ended up in A&E between Christmas and New Year. Was discharged and told to rest and that it was just a virus, but have been progressively getting worse ever since. Yesterday was the breaking point for me and my partner who could tell I was really not in a good way; so after calling 111, who suggested sending an ambulance, my partner took me to A&E.

For as A&E trips go it was a rather quick one, an ECG, lots of prodding and poking, and we find out I have pneumonia in my left lung. How in the world it has taken this long for them to work it out for it to then be discovered in just an hour I do not know. Even the doctor I saw yesterday said that this likely started off a lot more minor than it has now developed.

So an agreement was made that I would go home and stay in bed for the entirety of the week; I am on incredibly strong antibiotics, and am going back to the Doctors on Tuesday. If I feel any worse or anything changes badly, then I have to go straight back to A&E.

For now I’m just resting with my Nan here to help look after me, and catching up on some TV. Oh and sleeping a lot! I seem incapable of getting enough sleep at the moment, forcing myself awake for a bit just to get some stuff done.

Here’s fingers crossed to a quick recovery.

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