Lets Chat.. Getting Fed Up Now..

I feel like I have been doing one of these pieces each week lately, but I am just constantly needing to have a little bit of a whinge and moan, that I am being batted back and forth from doctor to hospital to doctor. Sometimes I think its not the being ill that gets me so fed up, but rather that its the people not believing me, telling me that my body will recover, just to wait a few days and be in a worse state. I am rather good at listening to my body, I have lived with my disabilities and my immune system trouble for my entire life, I know when its struggling.Mental Health

Now I am rather good at dealing with not feeling well, I am a master at bed resting and I rarely complain about having to do it; I actually have rather a lot of fun doing my bed rest diaries posts. But this time around, I am with a new GP doctors surgery, and I truly feel that to some degree I am just not being listened to. I began with a chest infection that developed into Pneumonia, and then when that cleared I ended up with a Kidney Infection. Long story short, I was sent to hospital to be admitted as I was starting to feel worse not better, they then discharged me after less than 24hours with Morphine for the pain, and told to wait till I finished the medication.

So here we are, having finished said antibiotics, and honestly, cross my heart, feeling a lot worse. I have truly got to the point where my entire body is completely exhausted. Just sitting writing this is really wearing me out unbelievably so. Anyway, back to the doctors this morning, I have a raging fever, high blood pressure, and super tachycardic.  So I have a kidney infection… STILL. So new antibiotics, and another bottle of morphine. Then back to the doctors on Friday if still feeling horrid.

Don’t you ever just wish a doctor would listen to you, when you know that something is up with your body, and you know that it isn’t coping and that you are in need of help.

Anyway, that’s my little moan for today. Hopefully this will be the last one for the month at least, but I cant promise anything.

What annoys you the most about the doctors and being ill?

3 thoughts on “Lets Chat.. Getting Fed Up Now..

  1. So so sorry! I know you hear this alot but you’ll be fine! As for doctors, I get really irritated that even before I’ve explained what I’m feeling, they’ve started writing in their notepads! I’m very notorious when it comes to doctors appointment hahaha. I would ask questions about every single pill, what it does and why I’m being given! Well, my doctor knows me now so they do things my way! That’s by the way! Sending you some sunshine to brighten up your day and chase away the blues darl! Happy new year

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    1. Same, that really gets on my nerves. I’m currently waiting for a call back from the doctor that told me I was over exaggerating an hour before I got rushed to hospital with Pneumonia, so god knows what he’s going to say this time. Thank you very much, I hope you are having a good day 😊


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