Some of my recommended blogs…

hkThere are so many bloggers out there, and there is just no way that any of us can achieve what we want to achieve without the support of each other. This is a community that will strive best if we can all wok together; yes there may be some competition but there is no reason why we cant help to promote each other at the same time. So this is just some of the many blogs that I really do feel that you should check out; I will probably do another one at a later date with some more..

Honestly, there is no other blog that I could start with than one of my best friends in this blogging community; she truly does so much for me, and I can honestly say that the blog would not be what it is now without her. Aimee over at Aimee Raindrop Writes is an amazing lifestyle and book blogger who covers such a wide range of topics. I adore all of her bookish posts, but her lifestyle pieces are often so relatable, plus you cant go wrong with a good haul post. You really should go and give her blog a looksie.

My next blog to mention is run by the lovely Ellie, over at Hatterell. Mostly a book blog, but with also university based posts, it really is any bookish nerds dream. Ellie’s blog aside, she is truly a lovely and supportive person, who always leaves really heart felt and supportive messages on my blog. For someone who is so sweet and kind, she deserves some love and attention to her blog.

The next is a blog that is after my own heart, full of book reviews of all different genres that leave my bank account hurting. RoseMarie over at Books and Stuff runs a fabulous blog full of all things bookish. Honestly if you love books anything like I do, then you really do need to go and have a nose at her blog; but you may want to prepare yourself for wanting to buy all the books.

Without this last and final person, same as Aimee really, my blog would probably never of got off the ground in the first place. Justine from Girl Gone Dreamer is another fantastic lifestyle blogger. Over the last few years I’ve had her constant support and advice. Girl Gone Dreamer covers so very many lifestyle related topics, with reviews, guest posts and advice pieces; and wow is it beautiful.

So those are my recommended blogs for today, each have their strengths and are all beautiful! You really should go and have a read as I believe that you will find a new blog to love.

Let me know of any blogs you would recommend; I am always looking for a new blog to read.

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