Dealing with Negativity….

Surely I can not be the only one that gets very annoyed by people being so negative, while complaining that you are being negative. This has been something I have been struggling with a lot lately. Mental Health

On and day to day basis I struggle quite a lot with trying to stay positive because of my pain levels, tiredness and just generally feeling unwell. However I have always worked very hide to try and stay as positive as I possibly can, and see the bright and positive side of everything. Even in the darkest moments I will try and smile and laugh where I can, whether this be by mucking around or just generally being silly.

But, and I’m sure everyone can appreciate this, if the people around you are being negative then it does bring you down; though this is made even worse when the person who is being negative, then goes on to complain that YOU are being grumpy and negative, and being a downer.

This will regularly happen in my life, and it makes me flip every time. As soon as this happens I can not help but point out all the negative or nasty things that have been said, and just have a go right back at them.

As you can imagine this does not help anyone, and instead just causes more arguments and as can be expected more negativity.

Sometimes I just wish that people would accept that they are in a negative frame of mind and deal with it themselves, just like I do on a regular basis, rather than trying to spin it onto someone else.

Now I can understand how people could say that that is exactly what I am doing, but the truth is, this happens regularly with the same people. It will always follow a day where I have sat quietly because I have quickly noticed that someone is in a bad mood. Listening to various comments throughout the day that just gives evidence to the mood they are in. And then one bad look, one slightly negative comment and all of a sudden it is all my fault for ‘being in a bad mood all day’.

But anyway, that the moaning all done and dusted for another day. I would love to hear if anyone else ever has this problem? How do you deal with it?

2 thoughts on “Dealing with Negativity….

  1. I try really hard to be as positive as I can, but sometimes I can’t always manage it. I like to thing I’m a pretty happy person with a happy outlook so it can be frustrating when other people constantly take the negative stance on things. I think part of growing up is learning how to read other peoples moods better, but also learning to accept them? I can often identify when my friends are in negative moods, but I always want to try and help them out of it. It can be frustrating to accept that people have such differing outlooks!

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