Bed Rest Diaries #4

Aha, this is rather comical really, as I have been on bed rest now since the 28th of December, exactly a month before I am starting this post. I had been really hoping that it was going to be a short stint, that I wasn’t going to do one of these posts, but as we are now rolling into month 2 of bed rest I thought I should really do another instalment.Mental Health

I have another doctor appointment in the morning, but I will be on bed rest now for the remainder of this week at a minimum.

So today, 28th of January, will start us off with Day 1 of bed rest.


Today has been a fabulous day for reading. Currently I am reading Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik, and am currently about a third of the way through (though this is before bed time reading). Honestly if you haven’t read this before then you really do need to, especially while it is still cold. I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t pick this up sooner, I really wish I had.

Other than reading today, I have been playing a new game on my phone, Tiny Tower. Wow, I didn’t think I would like this, but if today is anything to go by, it really is addictive.

Finally I have also got a blog post written, so I am going to finish January on a high note. Now it is time to head to sleep at the grand time of 8pm, praying for a touch more energy tomorrow.


Back to the doctors this morning, looking like the infection is more or less cleared up, but still need to rest because of collapsing a couple of times last week. More long term I now have a referral for cardiology and urology to try and get to the bottom of the constant issues lately.

Last night I got really into Spinning Silver, and am now on page 185. Todays plan is to chill out, work on some blog posts and read some more; oh and continue to obsess over Tiny Tower.

Its now just after 8.30pm and almost bed time. I have had a rather successful day all in all, I have finished off my January blog posts, and made a start on February. Been catching up on TV, and made lots of progress on my Tiny Tower. Now to head to bed and get back into Spinning Silver.


Bit of a late start to todays update, its already 6.30 in the evening. Today has been another reasonably successful day despite my Fibro pains really being nasty in my legs today. But I have got another blog piece done and ready, and worked on some more.

Same as yesterday I have been really into Spinning Silver, now currently on page 282, and determined to have it finished before my partner is over on Friday. I well and truly am hooked on Tiny Tower as well, I think Ive been playing it all day while getting on with other things.

Probably not another update today, as just going to rest and get an early night to read my book, talk tomorrow.


Yesterday I was super grumpy, so I didn’t really think that an update was a good idea, as I would just be moaning and groaning about nothing. So instead I thought I would just skip the day and get back to you today.

Its already almost 7pm, and its my Nan’s birthday so today we have spent the day relaxing and just watching silly TV and having a good laugh. I did manage to finish Spinning Silver last night, so tonight I will be picking up After the Eclipse, my first book for February.

Generally not  really done anything productive today, so will be back tomorrow, as tonight all we will be doing is having a birthday meal and probably an early night.


Last night ended up being a later night than originally planned, we stayed up playing Yahtzee and just generally having a bit of a laugh. But unfortunately this meant that I was over tired and had a seriously bad nights sleep. So today has been a day of resting and feeling tired and sorry for myself.

All I’ve really done today is work on a review for next weeks blog, and read After the Eclipse by Fran Dorricott. Ive gotten to page 47, so not too far in yet, but I am loving it already. Early night to read is the plan for tonight. Now as I feel like I’m repeating myself, Im going to call it a day, and do my final day of this diary tomorrow.

Oh, and you really should play Tiny Tower on mobile!38329334


Today has been a little different, I actually left the house. I went with my Dad on the dog walk, and then even went to the shop as well. For someone who hasn’t left the house for several weeks other than for hospital appointments this is actually a pretty big deal. I certainly am exhausted for it now, but oh well.

Last night I got really into ‘After the Eclipse’ by Fran Dorricott; currently up to page 114, and can not wait to go to bed and read again later today. Have a feeling that I will fly through this one, as it just feels like my sort of psychological thriller.

For now its is 4.30pm, we’ve got the Arsenal V Man City game on, and I’m going to work on some blog stuff. Talk later.


So I forgot to check back, but that is this bed rest diaries over. Over the course of the week, I managed to read Spinning Silver, and just under 200 pages of After the Eclipse. I think I can finally say that the reading slump is letting me go. But I think my biggest achievement of the week was reaching level 21 of Tiny Tower- yes I am addicted, and it is a problem, but you seriously should go play.

What do you do when you are unwell and have to go on bed rest?


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