ABC Book Challenge- Letter C

Its time for a further instalment of this ABC book challenge series, it may only be entry number three, but I’m still loving it all the same. Today’s letter is C, and you are lucky enough to be getting two of these posts within one week!

Memorable Books I have read beginning with the Letter…

This time around, I’m taking Memorable as meaning books that I expected to be so much more than they were. They have stuck in my memory as not being all that good, so here we go…

First of all is a fantasy novel by an amazing booktuber, based around LGBTQ+ elves, and I believe the rest of the series has dragons as well, Cloaked in Shadow by Ben Alderson. This turned out to be a three out of five star read for me, as I just felt that it had very little depth. However I did love the romance in this, and I may one day have to pick up the rest of the series at some point to see how it unravels. 33978711

Then the next, is actually a book by one of my favourite authors, a young adult historical fiction, Changeling by Philippa Gregory. This had so much potential, with a run away daughter of a noble, and a religious father on a journey around Europe. This should of been so good, with the mystery and the romance, but it was just a big let down. I have actually finished this series, or a least read all that are out, and it just never picked up. 17120520

Books on my TBR beginning with the Letter…

I have to start this off with a book that I have been putting on my TBR now for a few months, but I am still yet to start, and that is The City of Brass by S.A Chakraborty. This is a fantasy novel based around the concept of someone who does not believe in magic, then managing to summon a Djinn (which I believe is a genie?). I have never read anything like this, and it sounds really exciting so definitely cant wait to finally pick this up. 32718027

Another that I have been meaning to pick up for quite a while that I am really looking forward to is Clash of Empires by Ben Kane. I adore all of Ben Kane’s works, and Ive even had the pleasure of meeting him, and this is no different. I have really just not had the mood or feelings to pick this up since I have had it, I’ve not really been reading any historical fiction lately. But as soon as I’m in the mood for history, I will definitely be going for this one. 35071346

So that is it for the letter of C, this was actually a tough one. Check back soon for another instalment.

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