March Wrap Up ’19

For a number of reasons this month is a bit different to normal. First of all, I have actually had a good reading month, and secondly I am actually ending March on the 22nd, and counting the last week of March as April for the purpose of Wrap UP. As I have talked about I am away for the last week of March and I want to have this post scheduled before I go, so this seemed like the best solution.

So for what is technically just three weeks, I managed to finish five books. Admittedly two of those I had read the majority of in February, but still that’s not the point. This has really helped me to get my GoodReads Goal back up to not a terrible failure.

The first book that I finished, was a carry over from February, and it was After the Eclipse by Fran Dorricott. This is a psychological thriller, that is absolutely brilliant; following each eclipse, young girls keep going missing, and trust me it will have you glued to its pages. I gave this a four star rating, and you can read my review for this book here.42387344

I then flew through a fantasy mystery thriller genre blend, and one of my most anticipated books of the year. I’ve had the great honour of getting to read this before its release date, and you really should add it to your preorder list. The Devouring Gray, is the first book in a new series and one that you really should get involved with. Although this isn’t the best book in the world, it definitely is a great start to what is looking to be a really intriguing series. I gave this first book three stars, and keep your eyes open for my review.42190061

After a very long time of putting it off I then also read Everless by Sara Holland, and the sequel, Evermore. Both of these were really good, with a super interesting concept, and a really loveable main character. I doubt I am going to be review these books on the blog as I read them purely for enjoyment. But if you are looking for a fast paced, quick fantasy that I feel is actually quite a good introduction into high fantasy, then this series is definitely for you.35883046

Then another carry over from February was my buddy read with Ellie over at Hatterell, you really should go and check out her blog. Although she is super busy with University, her blog is still full of really interesting content. Over the last month or so we have been reading The Cruel Prince by Holly Black, and although I didn’t know what I was expecting, it was actually a really amazing read. I got really engrossed in this book, and am gutted that I cant just pick up The Wicked King. All in all, I gave it a four and a half stars, and will be doing a post about it in the near future.26032825

That is by far the best reading week I have had in a very long time. My reading slump is looking to be well and truly over, although saying that I do not want to jinx it. What did you read this month? I will have my TBR up at the start of April.

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