MY Go-to Smoothie Recipes..

I’ve spoken a lot lately about how I am trying to lose some weight, and although to begin with I was following Slimming World, I have kind of deferred from it slightly. The main difference really is that for some reason, Slimming World says that you should not drink smoothies, and yet I am having one a day. Now I asked about this a lot, and no could ever give me an answer to why they are so high in syns, and I asked everyone in group and the consultant. All I was every told was that they change the fruit so you need to syn them- makes no sense to me.

As a general rule, I am having a smoothie most days. Normally just after I have a light lunch; I find that this stops me snacking between lunch and dinner which I used to be terrible with. This is just the normal recipes that I use most weeks, not sure that they are anything overly special but they are my favourites and I highly recommend them.

Strawberry Banana

Now this is quite a generic one that you see everywhere, but it is easily my absolute favourite! 1x Large Banana (or 2x small), Handful of large frozen Strawberries, 100ml of soya milk (could use cows milk, water or any other plant milk alternative). Blend it all up till its smooth! Super Yummy! You could also use fresh strawberries if you have none frozen, but you may then want to add a few ice cubes. img_1009


This is growing on me more and more! 1x Large Banana, Large Handful of frozen Mango, Small Handful of frozen Pineapple, 2x piled Spoonfuls of Alpro Mango No Added Sugar Yogurt, 100ml of soya milk. Blend till smooth! If you want to make this into a smoothie bowl, double up the amount of yogurt and reduced the milk to 50ml- it makes a thicker smoothie that you could then add toppings to. Again if you don’t have the frozen fruit, use fresh but add some ice cubes to make it nice and cold!


This is a new one for me, but it tastes good! 2x Large Handful of frozen pitted cherries, 250ml of Alpro Cherry Yogurt, 100ml of soya milk. Blend till smooth! You could add cherry juice to this to make it super cherry flavoured, but this then will add sugars to it. I’ve even been playing with the idea of adding Cocoa to this to make a bit of a black forest smoothie, but I’ve not found a way of this that I love yet!

I would love to hear any other recipe ideas you may have for smoothies! I am loving trying new ones lately. Generally I don’t like berrys in smoothies because of the seeds, but Im willing to try!


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