Thoughts on Covid19 as a disabled person…

I hope that everyone reading this is staying safe and well!

Now I know that everyone is probably getting a bit sick of hearing about this virus and all the disruption that it is causing, but I felt that I needed to say my piece about it all.

First of all I have been put into isolation for my own health and safety.  I have multiple conditions that make me immunocompromised as well as causing issues for my lungs and heart. Because of this I am at high risk, and have been medically advised that I am best off isolating.

Now I am by no means saying that this is easy, I’ve had to cancel plans with my family. Watch my partner go and pick things up from my family without being able to go see them myself. Its really tough when all you want is to go and see your parents, but all in all this is better. My parents may not be elderly, but they are still at risk of catching the virus; by keeping my distance and staying home, I am helping myself and my family, by reducing the risk of both catching and passing round the virus.

Plus being stuck at home can be what you make of it. You could sit around for hours on end, driving yourself crazy, getting unbelievably bored. Or you can use the time to catch up on that decorating project you’ve been meaning to do, you could catch up on that TV show you havent had time for, or like me you could catch up on all the reading you have been meaning to do. There is always something you can do to keep yourself entertained and just enjoy your extra time. Dont forget you can still chill in your garden, or take yourself for a walk. Its not about stay in doors but rather about staying away from people!

I cant help but feel like there is still some people that just aren’t taking this seriously. I know some people that are meant to be in isolation but are still going to work, people still having parties, or just generally just not following the isolation and social distancing rules. IT is really frustrating for someone who is abiding by it.

Generally I just have an over whelming feeling of fear about all of this, its a horrible, scary time, and like nothing I have ever experienced.

Im going to end this here as otherwise I think I am just going to get ranting on and on. I hope that you are all staying safe, at home with your family- I just pray that this all ends soon!schizo

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