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Recommendation; Lavish Little Style Baby clothing…

As is probably becoming clear from the revamp of the blog, I now have a darling 1 yr old daughter. So I thought I would take the chance to give out a huge recommendation for where has quickly become my favourite place to buy her clothing…

Being a mum has many positives and negatives involved, but for me dressing my baby is a huge positive. I have a slight addiction to buying her new clothes, and it’s well known in my house that I choose her outfits every day!!

A while ago I stumbled across a little independent store on TikTok, and instantly fell in love with their designs.

Lavish Little Style Baby sell a range of Spanish, traditional and personalised clothing, and bring out new ranges for the various holidays.

All of the personalised clothing is so detailed as to what you want. Not only do you specify the name and product, but you can choose animals, fonts, thread colour – you can truly make it your own!

Each and every product that I’ve bought has been beautiful and amazing quality!

I even find the sizing to be bang on which is something I’ve struggled with my tiny girl.

So far I’ve had items from the Christmas collection, birthday collection as well as just day to day items. My valentines order has just arrived and can’t wait to put them on little lady next month.

Every item, I have found washes brilliantly, is so soft on my little ones super sensitive skin, and just looks stunning again and again.

I’ve shopped around a fair bit, and I’ve found they have the biggest range of personalised designs, have a vast range of safari animals. Which I love as my little one is a medical zebra baby (long story for another time). But obviously I then feel the need to have a lot of zebra items for her.

Both of her birthday outfits ended up being from them, and as soon as people saw them they understood why. They are just such good quality and little one is so comfy in them. Perfect for partying.

I love that they have products for every occasion, and as a mum who celebrates everything that’s right up my street. To my partners despair, she even ended up with New Year’s Eve jammies….

I really could keep going, I’m completely obsessed! This won’t be the last time I’m writing about them, as I already have a list of things I plan to order next…

Oh and did I mention they do the most stunning Pom Pom hats? Not only for baby but matching adult ones… going to be ordering my matching one next month!

I’ll be sure to update with what I think of the Valentine’s Day outfits once I try them on her, but already I know I’m in love with them. Can’t wait for the Easter range!

I highly recommend you go and have a browse for yourself, you can find them at or their Instagram is linked below.. the are also on TikTok which I highly recommend checking out.

I also believe they’ve just lowered their postage fees, which can never be a bad thing!