Short Snipit of my Christmas list..

It’s that time of year, where you have to stop shopping, and put everything in a list. I thought I would share with you all just a small amount of what I’ve asked for this Christmas, ranging from small things for distant relatives, to the bigger things for parents. 

I have fallen in love with the tsumtsum’s that Disney has45044 brought out, so I could not resist putting some of them on my list. At just £3, the mini ones make perfect stocking fillers, or small gifts for those people who you don’t want to spend to much on. Personally I chose the Aladdin ones, as I adore Aladdin-Tsum-Tsum-Setthe film, watching it several times a month. You can get these online, or in store from a number of places, including the Disney Store. Plus this adorable little miniture of Bullseye, which I believe is only from Clinton’s

As a coffee addict, I have a huge collection of mugs, and its growing. I found this gorgeous Tinkerbell mug on the Disney website, its so differentmdtuG09ge9g8HGSsulXgwTw
to any of the others that I have, with the old fashioned animation. Plus with the red, ITS CHRISTMASY! This can only be got direct from the Disney website or possibly in store


Due to my growing pile of books, I h81PI+OEMAXL._SL1500_ave had to start redecorating my bedroom in order to fit them all in. In order to do this cheap I’ve decided to just put up plain white shelving, and therefore need bookends. These cute rustic wooden owl ones, are just perfect for anyone who is an avid paper book reader; with natural wood, they will also fit into nearly any room. These are available on Amazon

To go along with the Disney theme this year, I’ve also got a list of the classic films on DVD. I love watching these, and Disney classics are probably my most watched films- despite being 19! On the list there is; Hercules, Peter Pan, Hunchback of Notredame, and The Aristocats; along with some others

Finally I have a long list of books. I won’t bore you with them all; but here is a short selection of them:

  • ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ series- G R.R Martin
  • ‘Shardlake’ series – C J Sansom
  • ‘Left Behind’ series – Tim LaHaye
  • ‘Lady of the English’, and ‘Winter Mantle’ – Elizabeth Chadwich

So that’s a small snippet of what is on my Christmas wishlist, why not leave me a comment saying what your hoping for this Christmas?



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